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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Song sparrow sighting - Signs of Spring

Saturday morning I peeked out the window and lo and behold, there was a little brown bird digging in the feeder droppings. We were graced with the presence of a Song Sparrow who was undoubtedly starving from a trip north. Where has he been I wonder? He's here now - that's all I care, it's just another sign of spring. Of course, he COULD have been here all winter because sometimes they do that but in my mind, I'll go with the flying north story.

Hey! I know I'm a WINTER bird but I'm here for you year round lady! Aren't I handsome too?

Here's another odd occurrence from today. See the four Mourning doves? Yeah - they were like that all afternoon. I had to watch them to see if they were still breathing! You suppose they were excited to have some grass to roost in for awhile? :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

The end of March, and hopefully winter storms

Yeah - well, I probably just jinxed us. March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but for Downeast Maine, that wasn't really the case. They got snow and blizzard conditions due to a massive low system in the gulf, and here in my part of the state we got sandblasted by high winds and all that sand and salt they've been throwing on the roads and parking lots this winter. Although most of the woman at my work were complaining about the wind (hey - don't wear a skirt on days like this!) I watched out my window as the snow slowly evaporated in the gusts that went by. At home, my bankings easily dropped a foot.

Today, the birds were singing their spring songs, maybe they know something we don't. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

They're baaacccckkk! The return of the Turkey Vultures

To me, the surest signs of spring are the return of certain birds. Maple Syrup Sunday does nothing for me, but seeing Turkey Vultures sure does. I've seen a few the past couple of weeks but on my way home this weekend I spotted this guy just sitting on the chimney of an abandoned house like some premonition of what it looked like on the inside. 

Turkey Vultures, or Buzzards, can be found from South America to southern Canada. The name isn't because they like to eat Wild Turkeys, but more because they share the same coloration as their feathered but non-related friends. These Vultures are carrion eaters (dead stuff) and have this amazing sense of smell & sight that allows them to hone in on carcasses for their next meal. One last neat tidbit of information for you - they are lacking the ability to make noise and therefore hiss and grunt instead. No wonder they are so quiet.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Maple Syrup buckets - Buxton, Maine

Just another sure sign that it's Spring in Maine

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pleasant Point Park - Buxton, Maine

Sometimes the best jewels are those in your own backyard that tend to get overlooked. This particular day, I wanted to bring the dogs someplace for a walk where I didn't have to drive too far and well - I didn't have to. 

Pleasant Point Park is located in Buxton off the Simpson Road and follows along the shore of the Saco River. In the winter, you can snowshoe, hike or cross country ski on the trails that span across the 60 acres and in the summer there is hiking, fishing, swimming and picnicking galore. A carry in boat launch allows for further exploration of the waters surrounding the area and increases the chances for some lunker small and large mouth bass, as well as brook trout and landlocked salmon. The park has a rich history, containing a burial ground for early settlers, the foundation of the Woodman house and even a bickering between the State and the Town as to who should own the property. See the Town of Buxton's Park & Recreation page for more details around the park's history. 

This particular day, we walked along the trail on the southern end of the park, up and around the burial ground and following Simpson road back to the parking area. The snow is definitely getting soft and several times I found myself up to my knees in snow and then I finally ended up going down in a really deep spot (ugh! My knees will pay for that trip!) while the dogs watched me impatiently, in a hurry to see if there were more squirrels up ahead. It's such a hard time of year to hike - not enough snow for snowshoes and too much to not wear them. We had fun - saw some turkey vultures, crows and a few squirrels and my favorite part - the dogs are exhausted. Yay me!   

The trail map on the park sign

In the summer you can drive down into the park, but a larger parking area is just before the entrance

Under that there snow lies a foundation

You comin'?

Somebody's been busy with that tree

In the summer facilities are set up in the building to the right

Overlooking the Saco towards Skelton Dam

There are some majorly big and tall trees in this park!

Leading up to the Point

The Saco River, looking north towards Route 202

There are many perfectly placed benches along the trail, great for taking a break and taking in the beauty.

I seriously almost went down traversing this little ravine. It was icy in spots!

Leashes in one hand, camera in the other. Not as easy as it looks.

The trailmarkers here were yellow triangles. 

The Burial Ground is much larger than I thought, completely outlined with a small rock wall.

Amazing history right there.....

Another sign of spring!

Up to my knees

Teaberry leaves - they made it through the winter!

Snakeberries peeking through too

Well - some happy that I wore my boots! That was a wet walk!


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