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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tinka - South Portland, Maine

I used to spend time offshore fishing for Bluefin Tuna with some buddies out of Spring Point Marina. We would cruise far enough out to lose sight of the shoreline and spend the day bobbing on the waves like a cork, lines in the water, waiting for the elusive Bluefins to school up under the boat. When we would get back to dock, occasionally we would have a visitor waiting for us - looking for leftover bait. We caller her Tinka.

Tinka was a harbor seal who in some part of her life was struck by a boat motor based on the scars she bore. Although the pictures portray differently, she was very shy and it took time for her to come to the dock but  the knowledge that she had a free meal was too much to keep her at bay.  A mere slapping of the fish on the surface would bring her out of hiding.

One summer Tinka never returned and no one's really sure what happened to her. It's a cold hard world under the ocean waves and I'm just glad we got to know her when we did.

And yes - I miss those carefree days at the docks, being a grownup is rough.

Watch your  fingers uncle Joe!  

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