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Monday, March 3, 2014

Sebago Lake State Park Hiking Trails (Naples Side) - in the winter

After crossing the Park Entrance Road over to the Naples side of the park, I noticed that headed back towards the lake brought on a breeze in my face. I'll have to remember that for next time because I don't think that would happen if you started north on the Naples side and went south on the Casco side. I'll have to test and let you know. 

Anyway - I was chattered at by squirrels and chipmunks, scolded at by bluejays and cheered on by chickadees (who could have been scolding me too - but they look so cute I would rather think they were encouraging me instead!). I noticed that moreso on this side than the other the trail was much icier too. 

Quick question: if you start to slip on ice do you throw one hand up in the air for balance too? I tend to do so with my right, I noticed today - was wondering if that was normal or not. Three times I had a bone jarring experience where I almost slipped but didn't. I'm sure I'll feel that much more later. Boy do I digress.

The trail here runs alongside the Songo River, which feeds Brandy Pond into Sebago Lake. I got glimpses of Common Mergansers, saw two Pileated Woodpeckers within 100 yards of each other and met a gentleman who was also walking the trail in the opposite direction of me (we met twice on each side of the trail). The woods were so quiet I felt like each footstep in the snow was like I was screaming, but the beech trees who refused to give up their leaves helped make me feel better with their rustling. 

The images below are from the point where I crossed the road until I made it back to the Park Beach. 

Again, thankful that they knew where I was because I had an idea but wasn't sure.

Another superhighway. You could snowshoe 5 wide here.

Part of the Songo, frozen over.....

.....but not completely!

I loved how the snow rippled like it did down to the water, probably from those recent torrential downpours we had.

See the ice? It was WAY WORSE if you happened to step in a ski track. Yikes! 

"Hello? Anyone home?" This guy hardly heard me coming but quickly vacated when he did.

The only other person I saw the entire time

Common Merganser

Cuckoo eyes?

NOW you tell me! This is the only sign I saw on the entire trail. 

Now someone's little kid is surely going to cry. Baddog!


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