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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fishing Spring Point Light

Monday was scheduled to be a fishing day for the Monkey and I. He decided that it was time to try saltwater fishing so I checked the reports. From Pine Point south the Striped Bass were running so I figured, why not go to South Portland and hang out on the Spring Point ledge for the day?

Nicely played Monkey.

So off we went. Landed a mackerel first thing, watched some bass schoolies play on the surface right in front of us and otherwise just flat out enjoyed a day in the sun with a light breeze and a fabulous view.

Portland Headlight

Overlooking downtown Portland

Mackerel fry schooling along the shoreline

Fellow fishermen taking in the sights

Great cast buddy! Amazing how good he is with a saltwater rod!

Flat calm in the harbor

Spring Point Light

Boredom setting in.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Song Sparrows

I have a pair of Song Sparrows nesting somewhere in the back yard. Eventually, like I do with everything else - I'll figure it out. It might be too late by the time I do, but I will. They live up to their namesake, singing almost all the time, filling the air with their sweet sounds. They aren't easy to chase down and get photographs of either - don't they know who I am! I was lucky on this particular day though, this one stopped long enough to pose.

As long as they keep singing, I know my yard is a happy place for them. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Maintaining Nest Boxes

The bluebird babies fledged, I now have empty nest syndrome. I did a little box maintenance today to scrape and rinse out the boxes just in case Mr. & Mrs. B decided to go for round two. I also knew that the Tree Swallow box had paper wasps building a future of their own so I went armed with gloves and needle-nosed pliers to remove the papery egg holder. I wasn't prepared for Mrs. Swallow to NOT want to give up her warm and comfy place in the box. I finally coaxed her out and it took mere seconds to pull the wasp nest from her home. She was back within minutes, but not before she dive bombed and chastised me for the disruption. 

How sweet is this face?

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Chipper Clematis

I've been worried about my Clematis this spring, it had blossoms early due to our unnaturally early spring and with a few really cold nights some of them are droopy and odd looking while others are perfectly fine. I was looking to see if it was going to bloom soon and was completely surprised when a bird took flight right from under my nose. 

A Chipping Sparrow. Hmmmmmm.....

I peered a little closer in the leaves and found another new family growing right underneath my nose...

My poor droopy Clematis blossoms.....

Wait - what's this?

Looks like I have a family of Chipping Sparrows to watch over now! ♥

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feeding time at the zoo

"Oh look, there's Mr. B" I thought to myself. What does he have for the kids now?

I almost squealed out loud - look at the size of that spider...

Dis-gusting. But, food for the brood I suppose. BLECH!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Backyard Birdhouse Updates

More in season now than back in April, the houses are starting to hop with activity. Mr & Mrs. Bluebird kept me busy watching them claim the two houses they wanted - presumably for their current clutch and then a second one in the roadside box, and the swallows finally settled for the Juniper box. Even the chickadees are building a new nest in the Woodline Chick box - it's starting to really feel like spring around here, especially now that summer is right around the corner.

The typical chickadee nest in the Woodline Chick box. 
Look closely on the lower left side of the picture - do you see the face? 

Obviously your last peek at the baby bluebirds in their box....
"Hide your face! If you can't see her she can't see us!"

Mrs. Tree Swallow refused to leave the box, and we didn't argue with her. 
We'll just take that as 'she has eggs in there'. 

"Hi lady. I don't know if I like you that close, and I'm not getting up - so you can go away now"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Kid's Fishing Opportunities - Aldens Pond, Gorham Maine

Continuing the pursuit to satisfy my son's new insatiable appetite for fishing, we turned our attention to another kid's fishing only pond in a neighboring town. 

Aldens pond, as it's called, is located behind the University of Southern Maine's Gorham campus and can be quickly accessed via a path that starts from the parking area to the far western side of the campus, just beside the Campus Police building. It's a 5 minute walk to the pond, just follow the trail to the logging road and continue on back. The upper pond - if you make it there - is not the one to fish in (we found by experience).

Aldens pond is stocked annually for children's fishing tournaments and kid's fishing opportunities and you must be under age 16 to have a pole in your hand else you may be paying a fine. Based on what research I could find, the pond also contains pickerel, hornpout, sunfish, minnows, suckers and killifish. There have also been reports of goldfish being illegally dumped in the pond but we didn't see any!

While we were there, Monkey had a blast fighting the beautiful brookies that kept taking his lures. They jumped and hopped and fought like crazy - he was in heaven! I enjoyed the solitude - it felt like we were in the wild, not behind a multi-million dollar college campus. Woodchucks passed within a hundred yards and the birds sang like fools in the treetops. It was hard to get up and go but the house doesn't clean itself. 

As of May 2012 - the regulations for fishing Alden's pond are as follows:
  • CI - Closed for Ice Fishing
  • S-9 - Open to fishing only for persons under 16 years of age. Restricted to two lines per person. Daily bag limit on trout: 2 fish.

Additional information - for your reading pleasure:

Aldens Pond in the late afternoon sun

Yeah - posted. Don't bring your pole if you aren't under 16 ;)

Serious fishing

Distracted by jumpers

Pine Warbler serenade

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life around the pond

It's amazing what can be missed when you don't look around you.

A Baltimore Oriole singing from the treetops

One of the many HUGE Bullfrogs in the pond


Eastern Pheobe surveys the surroundings

Dace and Brook Trout fry play with the Monkey's lure

Blueberry flowers

I'm not look at you! I'm not looking at you!

Oh honey! I wasn't looking at him! I swear!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The animal I've created

I look at it this way, at least he's bringing home supper. 

Some very serious fishing going on here.....

He can take them off the hook by himself now - phew

Another nice 11" Brook Trout

De-weeding the hook on his own - he's learning!

Man - I look tired. Chasing that kid is some seriously hard work.

These are the lures he picked out by himself - and paid for with his own money. ♥

Can't we stay? Please? They are still jumping!

Catch count = 1. I'm a very proud mommy.


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