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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maine: 3/26/10 - Open Water Fishing Season Now Open

Straight from my e-mail:

Fri, March 26, 2010 2:22:22 PM

Open Water Fishing Season Now Open

Maine's open water fishing season is underway on many of the state's lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. Ice fishing season, too, is still on going.

Historically the open water fishing season starts on April 1. A law signed by Gov. John Baldacci opened the season on March 25, a response to requests by anglers who wanted to go fishing because unseasonably warm weather created early ice outs throughout most of Maine.

2008-2009 Open Water Fishing Regulations apply until April 1, when laws outlined in the new combined fishing law book go into effect. The bill was sponsored by Maine Sen. Bruce Bryant, D-Dixfield, and Rep. Herb Clark, D-Millinocket.

Anglers should note that some water access sites may not be open until April 1 or later. As with every open water fishing season, roads on private and public lands may not be passable due to mud conditions. Please be respectful of private landowners requests to stay off their property until it is suitable for travel.

Also, anglers are urged to use caution on or near any body of water. Waters are extremely cold, and many rivers and streams are rushing because of rains and snow melt. Inlets and outlets on lakes and ponds, too, may be hazardous because of fast water moving in and out of them.

For more information about fishing in Maine, visit http://www.mefishwildlife.com/


Now that's a first, spring is definitely coming quickly this year. I will admit, I can't wait for the feel of a slight tug on your line as your imagination runs wild with a huge lunker on the other end. It doesn't even matter if it's a little bitty sunfish. Years ago I taught the Monkey to say, when asked if he had caught anything when we hadn't, "We didn't go catching, we went fishing". Let the fun and games begin!

Monkey's first Brown Trout. A little on the small side, we let him go.

Sorry about the blood - his first Salmon. This gentleman hooked the fish on his flyrod and asked the Monkey for help bringing it in, I seriously almost cried as I watch. The man was so patient with him as he explained every move they needed to make. I've never seen the monkey look so proud.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April showers bring May..... oh - it's still March. Nevermind.

By the time you read this, it should have rained up to a foot in some areas in Southern Maine. I might not even have power right now, so I'll rely on the virtual world to post my blog for me. A foot of rain. This is where I tell my mother "ya know, an inch of rain equals a foot of snow". She must be so tired of that by now. I'm just getting tired of rain, however will take this if it spares us for this summer. Last summer was almost a complete washout, and like an idiot I bought another State Park Pass. I'd like to get my money out of it......

"This is definitely a bad tail-feather day"

A few weeks back on our way home from shopping in Windham I decided to swing down the Middle Jam Road to see how the Presumpscot was doing above the dam. This area is well known for landlocked salmon, brook trout, splake and other delectable pink-fleshed fishies that filter their way down from Sebago Lake. You just need a boat of some sorts, some fly-fishing gear and a way to stay away from the dam! Anyway, it was a gorgeous evening (unlike what I bet today is) and I stopped to snap a few pics.

Starlings singing their hearts out

One last stop along the way was what I call Willy's pond. It's not 'Willy's', but Willy lives right around the corner so I've dubbed this small area of water that name. Not expecting to find the ice even out, I was pleasantly surprised by what I did find...... a pair of Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Canadian Geese.

Mr Cardinal gave away my presence.

A trip to the same location the following night found these two building a nest!

What a fitting ending to a day that should be very appealing to a duck.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Playing in Portland

I'm so glad I live where all kinds of neat stuff is right at our fingertips. After finding Dale's remains on Sunday I decided I couldn't just sit still. We piled Sam, the monkey and I into the car and cruised into the Portland area in search of birds and an opportunity to get out, even if it was windy, cold and raw. This is what our afternoon looked like!

Stroudwater Falls - Westbrook Street

 Exposure - 1/800 Aperture f/4.0 ISO 160

Exposure - 1/50 Aperture f/32.0 ISO 1600

 I guess this little guy things he's the owner of the falls, he barked his fool snout off

Congress Street - behind Union Station 
 I couldn't tell you the last time I saw a train, and I live here!

The Portland Fish Pier 
 The Paulo Marc

Trawling Nets

 Common Eiders

Fort Allen Park - Portland's East End
 Ride em' Monkey!
The plate below the cannon

Fort Gorges

Got a quarter?

Spring Point Light park - South Portland
Sammie leads the Monkey

Spring Point Light

The Portland Headlight, Cape Elizabeth
Stand tough little Monkey

Ram Island Light, from the Portland Headlight

Two Lights State Park
Let him out to play, I'm staying right here. It's too cold out there for me.

Ahhh, a playground. He doesn't care how cold it is! Sam and I waited in the car.

Dyer Point, the actual home of the 'Two Lights'
The Eastern Tower

Breaking surf

An Eider fly-by

 I love that we can spend less than three hours on the road to enjoy a day like this. Maine is a great place to live!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dale's demise

Today was chilly and very windy, but with the impending rain on the doorstep I couldn't resist the chance to get out and enjoy the fact that there was sunshine. The boys woke up around 6:30 and made sure that I knew it. After slopping out bowls of cereal (they opted for that instead of eggs, go figure) I started in on housework. By noontime I had the house clean, the laundry down to one load drying and even watered my neglected houseplants.

While we were waiting for Bubster to get picked up, I meandered out back to where I thought the Cooper's hawk was having his dinner and was horrifically mistaken.... those feathers were easily identifiable:

Evidently, Dale had become lunch - no wonder we hadn't seen him the rest of this week. This made me feel terrible, was there anything I could have done? Of course not - I have two huge cats, a pair of foxes and an occasional coyote that prowl my backyard and there's no way I can keep everything that lives in my yard safe. Still, I feel really bad - such a handsome creature with his life erased. Such is life, and how cruel it can be.

My other backyard creatures tried to cheer me up....

It's not your fault.... it's a rough life out here, you can't keep all the bad guys away

That's what he gets for being such a noisy show-off, out here screaming and fluffing his feathers

I don't have a clue who you're talking about.... it was a chicken looking bird?


For humans, we can take care of ourselves and each other. I had figured out that the pheasant had probably been released with 1,599 others as part of the Maine Bird hunting program - it was a miracle that he made it through the winter anyway. Only to be killed in my backyard.

Can you tell I'm taking this a little hard?

I think I would rather remember him this way instead and just think that he moved on in a search of a hot hen.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eastern trail, Pine Point Beach and Backyard news

Howdy folks! It's been a very busy and fun day for us, not sure if I can squeeze it all in!

First of all - my allergy attack ended up as a sinus infection and a prescription for Amoxicillian. Yeah! Second, we haven't seen Dale since the other day - hopefully I didn't scare him off by telling everyone about him (or that the neighbors didn't have him for supper the other night). Last, Monkey needs a Palate Expander then a retainer. At least my portion (after insurance and the ex) is just under $500. Life is fantastic! Woo! Sarcarsm is great!

Ok - on to today. Talked to mom for our customary hour first thing this morning, then showered, dressed and packed the kid into the car for a run in town. We went to Borders where we picked up some books - six of them - for $30.00. Impressive? I think so! While there Bubster called to see what we were up to - we stuck to our promise to pick him up around noontime so he could stay with us for the day. We finished up our morning with a stop at the grocery store then picked him up. After playing in the yard, we packed up the bikes and headed to the Eastern Trail for a quick (and brisk!) bike/hike to the treeline and back. Then we hit Pine Point Beach for some sand frollicking and met two massive Irish Wolfhounds from Lewiston (the male was only a year old and 140 pounds!). Their daddy wasn't bad to talk to either. :) A quick stop at Pine Point Lobster Pound roused up some Long Tailed Ducks then we headed home. Domino's was ordered and the boys are now all snuggled up in the big frumpy chair / couch watching Home Alone 2. I'm going to slam / crash clean this place so we can go out and play again tomorrow..... I love weekends. ♥ ! Pics are below, and more can be found at my Picasa Photo Site.

We've recently discovered a Cooper's Hawk hanging out in the back yard. I saw him yesterday, this morning and again this afternoon. I actually SAW him pluck a Mourning Dove out of the tree, then found this stash immediately afterward. I would say that he's doing a number on my backyard friends!

 Canadian Goose @ Smiling Hill Farm

 Mallard @ Smiling Hill Farm

 Mallard @ Smiling Hill Farm

 The Chickadees have been putting the Thistle seeds right to them lately

 Good Lord, he looks like he's 16

 I brushed the dog, then set her fur out for anything interested in nest material

The boys 'Slam-dunking' in the front yard

A whole bag of powdered donuts - gone.

A very windy and chilly ride across the bridge on the Eastern Trail


Black Ducks on the Eastern

One of the many Song Sparrows we saw along the edge of the Eastern Trail

Pine Point Beach

One of the many pooches we saw today, made me miss Sammie!

The High Tide mark. From what I can tell, not many Maine beaches will have a beach at high tide this year! Crazy how much erosion happened over the winter....

That horse in front of Bubster is a 140 pound Irish Wolfhound!

Frozen Beach Bums

Long Tailed Ducks at the Pine Point Lobster Pound beach

Herring Gull - Pine Point Lobster Pound


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