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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning meandering

Morning came sharply today, it's been an incredibly long week - and it's only Thursday. Just pulled cinnamon rolls out of the oven. Peeka is chattering at the 30+ Goldfinches exploring every inch of my back porch and feeders. The monkey is yelling from the back room, reminding me how hungry he is. He still needs to finish his homework.

Baseball tryouts were Monday. Parent-Teacher conferences and basketball practice on Tuesday. The ex had a class on Wednesday, so no reprieve for mommy. Basketball playoffs tonight. My house looks like a toronado went through it. The rain is supposed to hold off until Sunday now, so I suppose housework can wait while we enjoy our early spring.

One of the women I work with lost her job yesterday. She sits... ahem - sat right next to me. No warning - just hauled us into a room and let us know she no longer works for the company. I can tell you this is not something she wanted. I feel like someone kicked the wind out of me, still. I've seen it happen before but they were big performance issues. I suppose it's a reminder to take advantage of every thing I have, you never know when it's gone. In the wake, we're a man down with an incredible workload that grows every day. Corporate America. Bonuses come out tomorrow. Unfortunately in a month she'll just about be forgotten, except for me. I've lost my afternoon coffee buddy.

Monkey at the Foul line


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