When you're a 40 something single mother of a teen with lots of ambition, you find yourself in all kinds of interesting adventures and situations. Come back to laugh at us any time you feel the need, heaven knows where we'll be doing what next. Here you can expect a few words, a lot of images and hopefully ideas on what you can do for your next adventure.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Of Rust and Iron

Snow is completely gone, weather has been disgusting and we actually stayed home sick today with fever and a stomach bug. I've decided to pull some photographs into different 'buckets' and sharing with you since I can't get out and take new ones. :) The grouping below I'll call "Of Rust and Iron", a tribute to the equipment we create, use, abuse and then leave behind. These were taken with my abundant supply of cameras over the many years - from a Sony Mavica, the Canon A520, 10D and now the 50D - so the variations and image qualities between them are evident. Just ignore and enjoy!


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