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Monday, March 8, 2010

Dyke Mountain / Douglas Hill Road

As I've previously whined about, I was seriously exhausted on Saturday and wasn't up for much that had to do with physical excursion. After gallavanting around the Stickey River I decided to take a little scenic tour around Dyke Mountain / Douglas Hill Road. Traveling North on 114 into the town of Sebago, hang a left onto Long Hill Road and follow until it merges with 107 (or just take 107 North off Rt 113). About half a mile after the roads intersect, Dyke Mountain Road is clearly marked by a sign for Douglas Mountain on the left. Approximately one mile in something amazing happens.

The trailhead for Douglas Mountain is on the left (Douglas Mountain Road) coming from this direction on a hairpin turn at the top of a hill. Yes, it's in the boondocks. I traveled up past the gorgeous stone and brick houses to the dead end and turned around for views like the one below. You can't park there though, and be very careful of hikers and walkers in the area. At the stop sign coming back down, take a left then almost an immediate right onto Orchard Road. Immediately in front of you is the Presidential Range with Mount Washington standing tall and, well - presidential. Driving straight brings you to an old Apple Orchard on a corner which makes for more natural beauty. There's something about this spot right here that makes me proud to live in Maine. Oh - and watch out for the Collie that's probably lying right next to the road in front of the house at the orchard...... she's almost completely blind. :)

To get back home you can follow Orchard to Convene Rd and hang a right to circle back to 107, or turn around, take a right and continue down Dyke Mountain / Douglas Hill road for more spontanious views (be careful for the "Y" intersection where the road changes names, it's dangerous if you're driving too fast!). At the end, take a left onto 113 to head back to civilization. See? All that without even getting out of the car. ♥ I reallyt can't wait until I'm back to my old self so I can hike instead of drive though.


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