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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April showers bring May..... oh - it's still March. Nevermind.

By the time you read this, it should have rained up to a foot in some areas in Southern Maine. I might not even have power right now, so I'll rely on the virtual world to post my blog for me. A foot of rain. This is where I tell my mother "ya know, an inch of rain equals a foot of snow". She must be so tired of that by now. I'm just getting tired of rain, however will take this if it spares us for this summer. Last summer was almost a complete washout, and like an idiot I bought another State Park Pass. I'd like to get my money out of it......

"This is definitely a bad tail-feather day"

A few weeks back on our way home from shopping in Windham I decided to swing down the Middle Jam Road to see how the Presumpscot was doing above the dam. This area is well known for landlocked salmon, brook trout, splake and other delectable pink-fleshed fishies that filter their way down from Sebago Lake. You just need a boat of some sorts, some fly-fishing gear and a way to stay away from the dam! Anyway, it was a gorgeous evening (unlike what I bet today is) and I stopped to snap a few pics.

Starlings singing their hearts out

One last stop along the way was what I call Willy's pond. It's not 'Willy's', but Willy lives right around the corner so I've dubbed this small area of water that name. Not expecting to find the ice even out, I was pleasantly surprised by what I did find...... a pair of Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Canadian Geese.

Mr Cardinal gave away my presence.

A trip to the same location the following night found these two building a nest!

What a fitting ending to a day that should be very appealing to a duck.


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