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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spending time at the Stickey River watershed, Sebago Lake

I finally put my first full 40 hours at work last week so my weekend without the Monkey had been severly impacted with exhaustion. Therefore, I decided to keep things easy for myself by spending a beautiful Saturday in March driving and taking a short walk instead of wearing myself out. I think I did rather well for myself.

Off Rt 114 in Standish is a little secret - a road that crosses part of the Stickey River watershed (which we lovingly call "the culverts") and also brings you to a set of railroad tracks that cross the same watershed. After filling out a Sebago Lake Land Preserve slip you can walk the tracks up to a trestle where the views of the Lower Bay are fantastic and so is the fishing. Not interested in the latter of the two, I did sneak up in and took a quick walk. Although windy, I was really nice. I was surprised to see some people fishing - I didn't think 'open water' meant whenever the ice broke up? Anyway, the ice is almost out - I would say within the next few weeks if the weather remains as warm as it has been. I stopped at the culverts to watch a flock of a good 70+ Mallards schwizzeling in the weeds on both sides of the roads, as well as some obvious pairs of Canadian Geese taking a stroll along the icy shores.

Mallards from the culverts

Yep, Mt. Washington - taken from Rt 35 on the hill (standing on the guardrail peeking over the fence!). Not much ice left in the Lower Bay, but none in the upper regions!


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