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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once in a blue moon, a lunar halo appears....

Last weekend's full 'Blue' moon, with a definite tell-tale lunar halo indicative of rain or snow on the way. It was right, we had rain settling in the next day. I thought that it being a Blue Moon had much more significance, come to find out it merely means that it's the third full moon of a four full moon season.

I suppose I should hush, at least I got to see it - and I got a photo of it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quick snow squall and my smart birdies

Saturday afternoon I was sitting at my computer, enjoying a break from the day's activities. I had been Christmas shopping for hours, traveling half way across the countryside and had pretty much just settled in. I could hear a noise, couldn't quite place it - then I realized it was coming from the back porch.

The Titmouse was singing like crazy. I noticed that the pan feeder on the porch was looking a little low, so I grabbed the bucket to do some re-fills. As I stepped out on the back porch, I realized that the bright, sunny day that I had come home to had changed dramatically. The sky now looked dark and bleak - like snow. But snow wasn't in today's forecast - at all.

I realized that my smart little Titmouse friend had become the town cryer to ensure they had plenty to eat before the next storm hit. It takes alot of food to keep their little bodies warm, and they started pecking away before I even shut the door behind me.

And then it hit, with a vengance. It snowed hard for about 30 minutes, not enough to accumulate but enough to whip up the winds and make it not-so-nice if you were stuck outside.

As quickly as it came, it went - taking the cold bitter wind with it and leaving us with blue sky for the most part. It didn't last, it clouded over again but didn't snow any more. I'm not sure if I'm ready for winter.

Look lady, if you're going to have feeders make sure you keep them filled!

First snow of the season

Ok, it wasn't a complete dumping but we did get our first snowfall of the winter on Friday.

After spending my Thanksgiving doing pretty much nothing except relaxing (remember? we had our turkey day last weekend) the monkey came home with the exciting news - we were going to get snow. It's a wonder he even fell asleep Thursday night, that part doesn't matter.

At 5:30 AM he plowed through my bedroom door and woke me abruptly. It had snowed, I needed to wake up and we needed to put up Christmas decorations. I glanced outside, it hadn't stuck to the grass but it had adhered to the driveway and back porch - enough to consider it a 'snowfall' and add a little festiveness to the holiday season.

We had the house pretty much decorated by 10:00, so I made the monkey work on a puzzle while I took a shower and got ready to do groceries. When we returned, Billy was waiting for us so he could come to our house to play. Bubster was here by early afternoon and the boys played football for the rest of the day while I cleaned up, finished the decorating and put together a new Christmas playlist on Rhapsody. It's a wonder the birds kept coming to the back porch with all that racket going on.

Monkey left for his fathers Friday evening and I promply returned the other two to their charges. I turned on the lights and cranked up the music. Already in my house, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas.

What the heck is going on in there?

Our 'dusting' of snow

I finished the puzzle in less than an hour mom! (seriously, he did)

Billy explains how well he's kicking Monkey's buttocks at Madden 06'

What the heck is going on in there?

Sounds like World War III in that house, I'm staying back here

Mr. Titmouse enjoys some late day sun, away from the boys

Thursday, November 25, 2010

An unorthodox Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


So the story is... I called GG on Friday the 19th and informed her she was headed south for an unorthodox Thanksgiving. My niece lovingly called it a Northern New England Thanksgiving, but I'm sticking to unorthodox. We were going to buy from Hoglund's market originally, however a trip into downtown Portland sounded more romantic. Come to find out, we could get Lobsters at Free Range Lobster for the same price.

I had weighed the odds. A full blown Thanksgiving dinner would be a huge mess - the stove taken up for hours and not to mention the countless pots and pans used for all the veggies, sauces and whatnots needed for the meal. A huge pot for the lobbers, a piece of tinfoil for garlic bread, a bowl for salad and a microwave bowl for the butter. The main cleanup was the table after all the lobster juice, and my trash day is Monday so no shells to hang on to. Let's do it! 

Beyond yummy, all went perfectly. And as always, you can't beat family. ♥ Now the Monkey can go with his father for Thanksgiving and have the 'real meal' with that side of his family and I can actually enjoy a few days making this place look like people really live here.

Look out, you're my next meal....

Mmmm - look at the size of that shrimp!

No honey, we're getting lobsters!

Mussels and Oysters at Free Range Lobster

A Lobster Trap Chair, for sale at Free Range Lobster

My niece wows us with her Marine Biology knowledge

And describes the lobsters reaction when it goes in the pot

Showing Grammie her apartment via the 'nets

Monkey and Peeka

Grammie's famous Pumpkin Pie

Cousins - full and happy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Portland's East End - Fort Allen Park

Sunday was pick up Thanksgiving dinner in Portland day, so after snagging the din-din we made a cruise down Commercial Street and then swung up to Fort Allen Park.

The park isn't big, just over 9 acres, but makes a great hub for hitting the Eastern Promenade Trail or for just hanging out and viewing the harbor. When I did some research on the park I was extremely disappointed in the lack of information regarding it's purpose, but did find some on Wikipedia (not on my first Google) under the Eastern Promenade. The park is home to an American Civil War monument created as a bench made of granite and dedicated in 1929 and honors the Union Army. The mast of the USS Portland can be found there, as well as a canon recovered from what I believe is the same ship (although I'm not positive and need to find photographs previous taken to be completely sure).

It was chilly again so we didn't make it a long trip, just enough to scope out the grounds and waste a few minutes outside.

Mackworth Island

Cousins Island

Fort Gorges

Tanker in the Harbor

Spring Point Light and docked Tankers unloading

GG and the Monkey

Mockingbirds! 6 of them feeding on berries, you would think they would just go south!

He's hiding, but you can find him...

Overlooking Portland

And Portland Harbor


After chasing him down the trail, he was back where GG and the Monkey were.. go figure.

Flying free


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