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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A three day weekend at Mother Nature's expense

We had a wicked storm brew up overnight Sunday night with high winds and lots of rain. I had no idea the wind was going to pick up so much, the dog woke me up around 2:00 am whining and pacing and afraid of howling racket the wind was making. We had already lost power once, the clock was flashing. I rolled over and realized that the Monkey had climbed in bed with me at some point as well, he was hogging one entire half and snoring soundly. Within 20 minutes, I had a kid, a dog and a cat piled into my full sized bed and by some miracle I fell back asleep.

I woke up around 6:00 and the clock radio was flashing again with Robin Ivy telling the Zodiac Zone. I was in and out of it, doing a little daydreaming and slowly waking up when I hear her mention that she had a long list of school closings. I thought to myself that it seemed a little weird and maybe I was still dreaming. Then she starts talking about power outages and I think - did she just say MSAD6? I grabbed my cell phone and sure enough - three messages from the local TV station letting me know that our school district was closed for lack of power. Oh shit. I jumped out of bed and made plans with my neighbors for Bubster and his brother to spend the day at our house with a trade off for Veterans day on Thursday.

Evidently all the roads around my house have no power and trees down. We had the power blip a few times this morning but lived through it. Here I sit with three boys. The PS2 and Nintendo DS have been working it hard today. We've watched Transformers. I made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and ordered Dominos for lunch. They've played cars on the floor. They are dying to go outside and I'm staying fast to my reasoning that it's too wet (although I might change my mind soon).

Me? I've been watching my birdies. It's very relaxing, until the gray squirrels start getting into the feeders. :)

Leaves that had blown their way to the corner of my back porch

My newly re-arranged livingroom

Playing cars and watching Transformers

 Keep the noise down, I'm trying to nap over here!

My bare trees, compliments of 40+ MPH winds

Hmmm, which one do I want?


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