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Monday, November 22, 2010

A late fall walk on the Eastern Trail.......

Grammie G came to spend the weekend with us for an early unorthodox Thanksgiving. Since she was here, why not take some time to get out and get some fresh air? I chose an quick n' easy place we enjoy alot - the Eastern Trail down in Scarborough. I tried to pawn the Monkey off with Bubster but his mom also had plans, so we split the difference. It worked to our advantage. I would take Bubster for a walk while she watched the Monkey during our shopping time.

The walk northward on the trail was warm and sunny, or trip back to the southard presented a brisk and strong wind. The two miles were fabulous though - although late in the season and after a couple of really strong fall storms, it was still really fallish there as you can see below.

Grammie G decided this was Autumn Olive, and the trees were loaded!

A pair of King Charles Spaniels walking the trail


Leftover crab-apples

A Common Loon, already changing his attire

The tide was high but heading out, causing some serious whirlpools


"But this rock is really cool!"


"Do I have to get down?"



More Bittersweet

Out of reach Winterberries - they don't look real!

"But Dad, I want them to pet me some more!" 


"Whoops, we're headed the wrong way!"

Monkey's hair, portrayed in swamp grass

Come on GG - it's cold out here!

A last look over the marsh - what a beautiful walk it was!


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