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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indoor soccer is some seriously cool stuff!

I would normally wait until I had a bunch of pictures to post with my blog, but I can't wait to share this from our game at Your Space in our neighboring town of Gorham:

I took that with my phone, because I left my camera at home thinking it was too dark to take pictures. Although it's against my better judgement, I might still bring my camera to the next game.

The field is made out of that astro-turf kinda stuff, but it's not astro-turf. And it's fast - very fast. Those kids ran their toushies off last night, including mine. Although it looks like the kids are playing on that great big huge field, they really aren't - there's a net that splits the field from right to left and there are two fields where the kids can play. It was still a little chilly in there, I don't like where the parents have to sit and blah, blah, blah. I'm not sure why I'm complaining, it only cost me $35.00 to get him on the team.

We ended up with most of the boys soccer team returning and gained three girls in their age bracket from the girls team. Trust me, those little sweeties roughed up the other team as much as our boys did! I loved it! We played Scarborough, who is a very strong soccer club - not as good as South Portland or Westbrook but right up there - and we tied them 0 - 0.

This might turn out to be a really great time after all!


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