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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quick snow squall and my smart birdies

Saturday afternoon I was sitting at my computer, enjoying a break from the day's activities. I had been Christmas shopping for hours, traveling half way across the countryside and had pretty much just settled in. I could hear a noise, couldn't quite place it - then I realized it was coming from the back porch.

The Titmouse was singing like crazy. I noticed that the pan feeder on the porch was looking a little low, so I grabbed the bucket to do some re-fills. As I stepped out on the back porch, I realized that the bright, sunny day that I had come home to had changed dramatically. The sky now looked dark and bleak - like snow. But snow wasn't in today's forecast - at all.

I realized that my smart little Titmouse friend had become the town cryer to ensure they had plenty to eat before the next storm hit. It takes alot of food to keep their little bodies warm, and they started pecking away before I even shut the door behind me.

And then it hit, with a vengance. It snowed hard for about 30 minutes, not enough to accumulate but enough to whip up the winds and make it not-so-nice if you were stuck outside.

As quickly as it came, it went - taking the cold bitter wind with it and leaving us with blue sky for the most part. It didn't last, it clouded over again but didn't snow any more. I'm not sure if I'm ready for winter.

Look lady, if you're going to have feeders make sure you keep them filled!


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