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Saturday, November 6, 2010

And that's a wrap! Wrap up of the week, that is...

So another week come and gone. Halloween was a scream and I totally enjoyed bringing Bubster along with us and trick-or-treating from the car. "Boys, if they have any Kit-kats, bring me one!"

Basketball tryouts were good, we ended up with a different coach than we had last year (thank goodness) but he has kids from his team last year and his class in school so he's really happy about that. I'm positive they learned more in their first practice on Thursday than they did all last season so I'm incredibly happy.

First indoor soccer game is today - that should be interesting. I'll have to post more on that later.

More pictures from the homestead on the 'Foreside, enjoy!

Bubster makes a cute girl

Samuri witchy soccer player!

Ready to haul in some loot

FIFA Soccer 2011, best purchase I've ever made

My poor mums are on their last leg

The view of my lawn from the woods.

Another geek sighting!

My lawn. I'm sure the neighbors will be blowing my leaves back over any time now.

The pumpkin we got rotted before Monkey could carve it, so a hand drawn face instead. It worked fine.

Peeka, carefully watching the birdies on the back porch. "If only I could eats dem"

"Eats? A cookie? Can I have a cookie?"

Cattie. She could care less, can you tell?


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