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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Hummingbirds

Well, the hummingbirds made it back in late May and immediately took over the feeder that hangs just outside my kitchen window. I mix my own sugar water and for those who get concerned - the glass is colored red, not the water. ;) Anyway - the pair that was here took turns guarding the feeder from other Ruby Throated Hummingbirds - and each other. It still amazes me that I can see them in the air and spot them on tree branches - even without my glasses on.

One last note - I know it's Labor Day weekend and folks are starting to think about gearing up towards feeding the winter birds, but don't forget these tiny little creatures need enough fuel to make the long journey south. Refill your feeders and leave them out as long as possible!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A cool morning at Crescent Beach State Park, Cape Elizabeth Maine

We planned on heading to the beach the night before, a little unsure of which one to go to but knowing we were going somewhere. The forecast was partly cloudy with a little fog in the morning. I didn't realize the partly cloudy meant ALL clouds and the 'morning' meant until noon. Regardless, we were at Crescent before 10:30 and well - this is what we got. After about an hour, I checked my phone and saw things were breaking up around the Sebago area so we packed up and headed that way. At Crescent, it was windy, foggy to the point of misting and well - downright cold.

As always though, it was still beautiful.

Semipalmated Plovers (that's a mouthful) scavenging the beach

"Ok lady, enough with the pictures"

Black duck hunting in the surf

A single Plover takes flight with some Sanderlings

Dusty Miller growing along the dunes

Prickly Sow-Thistle


Beach Rose hips

Someone found something to snack on

Honeysuckle in full berry! Where are the Waxwings?

Northern Bayberry

Bittersweet, getting ready to ripen up

Brrrr - time to blow this taco stand!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Burnt Meadow Pond - Brownfield, Maine

Out in Brownfield, there isn't really a whole lot. A few ponds, a few mountains, pretty much no cell phone signal, and some dirt roads. What they lack of, they make up for with plenty of trails and bugs and fishing opportunities.

We've hiked Burnt Meadow Mountain before, and this time we decided to drop into Burnt Meadow Pond to see how the fishing really is. The pond literally sits in the afternoon shadows of the mountain, directly beneath it and absorbing all the runoff. The water itself was crystal clear and very cold, with some really deep spots and some really shallow spots. It's no wonder the it's filled with such a variety of fish: brown and brook trout, large and smallmouth bass, white and yellow perch, pickerel, minnows, shiners, suckers, hornpout, eels and sunfish. The warmest of warmwater species to the coldest of coldwater species!

Sidenote: I have to tell you, there is nothing I love more than to back the truck down a boat ramp, have the boy and I grab the boat on either side, yank it out and slide it into the water like we really know what we're doing. Putting it back in is almost even slicker we've gotten so good. To make my day even better - it's awesome when there are people around to watch us because I know they are thinking "oh, look at that chick with the skinny kid. This should be fun to watch". I can't wait to get the trailer in working order but for now, I love this. And now back to your reading pleasure.

On this last day of May, we dropped the boat in the water to give it the test. There were like 10 people all standing around that morning (hence my story above), mostly older gents who - I'm pretty positive - thought I had no idea what I was doing until we got the boat in the water and putt-putted out with our silent battery operated motor. :) We trolled our favorite lures around, gawking at the beauty this pond holds, and within the first 10 minutes the boy's line took off like a shot. It was pulling, yanking, jumping - doing everything in it's power to remove the hook from it's mouth but to no avail, I netted his beautiful, and I mean drop dead gorgeous, 15" brown trout from the water for him. After photo ops, we kept moving back towards the island in the center where a Loon sat on her nest, watching us warily but not to the point where she jumped ship. In the back cove, the boy struck again by hooking the biggest shiner I had ever seen - that thing was easily over 12". Later, just before it was time to head in, I finally broke my silence by catching the smallest yellow perch ever. Seriously. You can see below.

All in all - a great day of fishing and I look forward to going back - especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. If you're in the area, I highly recommend dropping a boat and a line. Great for smaller boats, canoes and kayaks - not sure the peaceful tranquility would appreciate a large boat and motor.

Beautiful brown right there!

Burnt Meadow Mountain, from Burnt Meadow Pond

My monster perch! 

That is one proud kid right there.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer on the Eastern Trail - Scarborough, Maine

I know, I can hear you. "You post about that place all the time!" I can't help it if it's close by and well - it's just a beautiful place to be. And on this particular day, beautiful was an understatement - see for yourself!

Crab Apples, on the turn

Mountain Ash, also on the turn - these bring red berries will eventually turn bright red

A Great Egret on the marsh

And then a Bald Eagle flew overhead

Great Egrets take flight from the marsh

Bittersweet, still far from ready

Black Cherry

Groundnut Vine

Groundnut, twirling itself around a small tree

Black Ducks

Wild Raspberries, not quite ready

Look at the leaves on this young maple! So pretty!

Honeysuckle and Groundnut compete for space


Uh oh! Changing leaves?!

Orange Jewelweed

Sensitive Fern, still dewy from yesterday's hard rain

Northern Bayberry

Cow Vetch seed pods

Groundnut Seed Pods

More Black Cherries, with a friendly wasp (not)

Groundnut and last year's rose hips

Northern Arrowwood

Crown Vetch


More Black Cherry

Hawthorn Berries

Autumn Olive


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