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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bonny Eagle Pond - Buxton, Maine

We are so lucky to have a resource like this so close to home. This is Bonny Eagle pond, a local swimming and fishing hole literally within minutes of the house. This was the last official day of summer vacation so it was easy to just go and play and let the monkey learn how to jump out of and climb back into the boat.

"Who needs a motor?"

Our sweet little boat with our high tech anchor!

Fun at the sand bar

A rare Renee appearance!

At least he caught something - a very tiny White Perch

Relaxing back at the boat launch/swimming hole

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Just - smile!

At a major intersection on my way to work

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sand Pond - East Baldwin, Maine

I can't believe I'm going to give up a favorite fishing spot, but in this instance it's just bass so I'm not too worried. We've proven there are enough lunkers in this pond. 

Sand Pond had originally caught my eye because it's stocked yearly with brook trout, but then I realized that the water is too shallow to maintain a year round fishery. I was also made privy by a local that at any time you could fish the outlet and slay the trout since they all eventually make their way to the faster moving water. The stocked fish are typically fished out over the winter by ice fisherman. I'll have to scope that out at a later date.

So - we dropped the boat in the water and it took me seconds to get us rowed out to the 'deeper water', or the 15 - 19' range. Fish were raising the surface all around us and I figured white or yellow perch or small bass in schools were broiling. Of course, a seen fish will never bite. It took some doing, but I finally talked the kid into a black and white daredevil and a silver spoon that we trolled off the back of the boat while I rowed us in circles around the 61 acre pond.

First hit was a nice 14" Smallmouth that surprised us both by knocking the silver spoon out of the park. After a good fight the monkey hauled him in the boat for gorgeous photo ops. As you can see - the fish are very clean and beautifully colored.

The next pass over the deepest area brought on a hit that just about pulled the rod out of the boat (note to self - we need rodholders), I walked the boy through playing the fish - we knew it was big - and he did a great job of reeling that bad boy to the surface and thank goodness I caught a picture of it - I swear, it must have been 20+ inches long and looks like a largemouth - as soon as he hit the surface he spit that hook directly at us and it landed in the boat. We looked at each other totally floored, and the monkey lost his first trophy picture opportunity. (note to self - we need a big net!)

The last fish finally hit the black & white daredevil and at least made up for the loss of the big one but you know it set us up for many more trips to catch the big one. This turned into a favorite spot all summer long.

The one that got away

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Common Yellowthroats

I was walking the dog not far from home and could hear a familiar noise in the bushes on the first pass by.... that cross between 'chip' and 'chuck'.... I wasn't 100% paying attention so I kept on trucking. 

On the way back through I heard it again and realized it was a Common Yellowthroat, but I've never seen one personally - only identified by sound. So I stopped for a second - and there he was in the treetops. He was totally unimpressed that I was standing there then I realized why - he had a huge bug in his mouth. There had to be a next nearby! So I walked a few paces down the road and he dropped down into the bushes. 


So I finished my walk home, grabbed my camera and went back. Of course I did! There he was and to my delight, momma came out to yell at me too. I snapped a few pics them left them to care for their babies. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Almost Home-ly

A throwback from last spring, I couldn't resist sharing. This little guy looks pretty put out.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fishing Sebago Lake "Sticky River" basin through the Trestle

The monkey and I got the boat home from my mother's finally this year and quickly realized that it doesn't take that much to put it in and haul it out of the truck, so we filled that thing up with rods, tackle and food and took off for the Sebago Lake Sticky river area. This was not our first trip, but the first pics I came across so my boat blogging will not be in chronological order. :)

Mind you - I decided to be a tough girl and bought oars instead of a motor. Hey - one summer, we can do this. So - I rowed our toushies through milfoil, pickerelweed and pondlillies until we got into open water. It was hot and breezeless through that area and I couldn't wait for some wind.

Well, I got it - and got to row against it until we got to the railroad tracks, our buffer against the Lake itself. We fished hard to no avail, the boy was wiggling and twisting in his seat - I rowing with sweat rolling down my back. I headed for the shady side where the trees overhang the water and within minutes, the boys landed a nice smallmouth. Energized and now understanding his fishing approach, he easily nailed a few more and then a monster yellow perch.

Satisfied, we decided it was time to head back. I had proven that yes - we can easily go fishing any time we wanted to and was already thinking of where to go next. =)

Making friends no matter where we go

"uuggghhh - it's so hot!"

Score! Smallmouth Bass

Yellow Perch

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back seat driver

It's obvious that Minnie has completely overcome her fear of being in the vehicle....

You're driving a little fast.
There's a car up there you know. 
I think there is a stop sign a few miles up the road.
Did you know you're supposed to be two car lengths behind that guy?
Do we always have to be in a hurry to get somewhere?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A brief Bambi visit

I had 4 boys in the yard playing whiffleball - yelling, screaming, laughing, running, beating each other to a senseless pulp - and I was in the house making something for the heathens to eat. Out of the corner of my eye through the kitchen window I saw movement and thought that someone ran out to the dirtpile in an attempt to scare the other boys. I did a double take and sucked in my breath. Evidently these two were really curious as to what all that noise was about. They didn't run away and actually stayed right there as the boys ran up to ask if they could pat them. I laughed but honestly, I bet you just about could of. All 5 of us stood in the back yard - about 20 feet away, and watched in awe. They stayed around for about 10 minutes then made their way into the woods. I've only seen them briefly since, but I'm sure I'll see them again once the snow flies - depending on how they the fair through hunting season.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Squirrel Yoga

No, he's not dead but he is in heaven - this squirrel was caught sunning in the warm November sun.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Swan Pond/Swan Creek - Goodwin's Mills, Maine

The Goodwins Mills area is a small community - so small you might miss it if you blink driving along Rt 35 headed towards Afred or Kennebunk. Located half in Dayton, half in Lyman, the area has rich history of being great for farming and having two sawmills in the area - one on Kennebunk Pond, the other on Swan Pond.
From what I found, the mill at Swan's Pond was built in 1782 and contained a sawmill and gristmill, and the building and damn still stand there today. We took advantage of the deep water to try some fishing but it was still too early in the season and the fish were very timid - you could see them zinging along the surface but a seen fish will rarely ever bite.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clarks Mill / Little Falls, Hollis Maine

From a trip last spring in search of recently stocked Brook trout, enjoy the scenery from Little Falls, part of Cook's Brook in the Hollis area. 

I would love to own this house.


Mill remnants


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