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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sand Pond - East Baldwin, Maine

I can't believe I'm going to give up a favorite fishing spot, but in this instance it's just bass so I'm not too worried. We've proven there are enough lunkers in this pond. 

Sand Pond had originally caught my eye because it's stocked yearly with brook trout, but then I realized that the water is too shallow to maintain a year round fishery. I was also made privy by a local that at any time you could fish the outlet and slay the trout since they all eventually make their way to the faster moving water. The stocked fish are typically fished out over the winter by ice fisherman. I'll have to scope that out at a later date.

So - we dropped the boat in the water and it took me seconds to get us rowed out to the 'deeper water', or the 15 - 19' range. Fish were raising the surface all around us and I figured white or yellow perch or small bass in schools were broiling. Of course, a seen fish will never bite. It took some doing, but I finally talked the kid into a black and white daredevil and a silver spoon that we trolled off the back of the boat while I rowed us in circles around the 61 acre pond.

First hit was a nice 14" Smallmouth that surprised us both by knocking the silver spoon out of the park. After a good fight the monkey hauled him in the boat for gorgeous photo ops. As you can see - the fish are very clean and beautifully colored.

The next pass over the deepest area brought on a hit that just about pulled the rod out of the boat (note to self - we need rodholders), I walked the boy through playing the fish - we knew it was big - and he did a great job of reeling that bad boy to the surface and thank goodness I caught a picture of it - I swear, it must have been 20+ inches long and looks like a largemouth - as soon as he hit the surface he spit that hook directly at us and it landed in the boat. We looked at each other totally floored, and the monkey lost his first trophy picture opportunity. (note to self - we need a big net!)

The last fish finally hit the black & white daredevil and at least made up for the loss of the big one but you know it set us up for many more trips to catch the big one. This turned into a favorite spot all summer long.

The one that got away


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