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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Douglas Mountain, Baldwin/Sebago Maine

In an attempt to get Minnie a little more accustomed to being on a leash and riding in the car, I figured I had better take advantage of the nice weather to get a good last look at the foliage before it passed us by.
It takes a mere 20 minutes to get to the mountain from my house, and another hour to make the entire trip with two dogs. An afternoon well worth spending! The leaves were gorgeous and the temps were warm and perfect. And I proved that I can navigate narrow mountain trails with two dogs on retractable leashes. So proud! I could not - however - take many photographs on this trip since I was juggling two leashes. That is something I'll need to work on because you are totally missing the fabulous tower at the top of the mountain that I actually got both dogs to climb with me. Next time - I promise.
The mountain trailhead is located just off Douglas Mountain Road (aptly named) on the Sebago/Baldwin town lines. There is a $3.00 parking fee to help pay for trail upkeep and trail maps can be found at the kiosk.
Douglas Mountain Trail Map

My trail compadres - Minnie and Rollins - lead the way

"Hold up - we found something"

Rollins looks more like a moutain-goatish beast in this picture :)

Minnie can't understand why we are taking a break. And why mom is making that wheezing noise.

Rollins on the other hand has no problem with a short stop

The view from tower top. That's Sebago Lake directly in front of us.

Pleasant Mountain right in front of us, of Shawnee Peak fame

Overlooking the Burnt Meadow Mountain/Hiram area

Coming down the mountain with gorgeous views still to be seen

Evidently, Zombies are a problem in western Maine

From Dyke Mountain Road, overlooking Mt. Cutler, Mt. Misery, Robbins Hill - all in the Hiram area

Then overlooking Burnt Meadow, Frost and Peary Mountains

Barker Pond in the foreground and looking beyond Fryeburg to the Presidential Range far beyond

Just another reason why I love Maine.


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