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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fishing Sebago Lake "Sticky River" basin through the Trestle

The monkey and I got the boat home from my mother's finally this year and quickly realized that it doesn't take that much to put it in and haul it out of the truck, so we filled that thing up with rods, tackle and food and took off for the Sebago Lake Sticky river area. This was not our first trip, but the first pics I came across so my boat blogging will not be in chronological order. :)

Mind you - I decided to be a tough girl and bought oars instead of a motor. Hey - one summer, we can do this. So - I rowed our toushies through milfoil, pickerelweed and pondlillies until we got into open water. It was hot and breezeless through that area and I couldn't wait for some wind.

Well, I got it - and got to row against it until we got to the railroad tracks, our buffer against the Lake itself. We fished hard to no avail, the boy was wiggling and twisting in his seat - I rowing with sweat rolling down my back. I headed for the shady side where the trees overhang the water and within minutes, the boys landed a nice smallmouth. Energized and now understanding his fishing approach, he easily nailed a few more and then a monster yellow perch.

Satisfied, we decided it was time to head back. I had proven that yes - we can easily go fishing any time we wanted to and was already thinking of where to go next. =)

Making friends no matter where we go

"uuggghhh - it's so hot!"

Score! Smallmouth Bass

Yellow Perch


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