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Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Atlantic Way trail - Old Orchard Beach, Maine

I'm not sure which is more disappointing, the fact that I wrote this blog way back in April and didn't post it or the fact that I've been away from my blog for so long. Let's just say, I haven't put the right priorities in the forefront lately :) Hopefully I'm about to make that change.

Between Saco and Old Orchard Beach there is this sweet little trail tucked away that leads into nowhereland but nonetheless is a nice little hike if you're looking for swamp birds or to just clear your mind for a few minutes. On this particular semi spring day, I found lots of Palm Warblers deep in the woods who were happy to pose for some pictures (wait until you see these below!) and even had a Kestrel swing by to say hi. 

I really need some more days like this! It's been way too long. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scarborough Marsh - Audubon side - Scarborough, Maine

The Scarborough Marsh. Typically when I head to the marsh, I tromp down the Eastern Trail mostly because it's easily accessible and dry. Today I thought - why not? I went across the street to test out the Marsh trail instead.

This trail starts by either parking at the Audubon Center and crossing the street or parking between the Center and the Eastern Trail (by the culvert) and heading in that way. I chose the latter of the two on this day.  

The trail winds through the woods until you hit the marsh, then it gets a little spongy but I didn't get my sneakers wet so all was good. Overlooking the far back corner of the marsh I spotted some green winged teal and black ducks, a pair of greater yellowlegs and a bittern. In the front of the marsh I found glossy ibis, great and snowy egrets, tree swallows, mallards, lesser yellowlegs, sparrows galore, eagles and a passing harrier. 

I walked as far as I could possibly go then reluctantly turned back. What a sweet place to just hang out for awhile. A trail map can be found here thanks to the Audubon Center's site.

Glossy Ibis

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

A disgruntled looking Herring Gull

Green Winged Teals


See him hiding? That's a Greater Yellowlegs

Ring Billed Gull


Tree Swallows contemplate housing options

Incoming Snowy Egret

Outbound Great Egret

Lesser Yellowlegs

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Random pictures from Harpswell, Maine

Looking out onto Merriconeag Sound from Graveyard Point Road, with Pinkham Island on the left

Dinghy's at Cundy's Harbor

Fishing Vessels in Cundy's Harbor wait for their captains

That Tuna Tower!

Overlooking Potts Harbor from Potts Point Road, Harpswell

The Potts Harbor public landing

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stover's Point - Harpswell, Maine

I'm a sucker for a nice quiet spot on the coast of my precious state, the hard part is finding one that you don't have to share with a gazillion other people at the same time. Easter Sunday, we found a new one that I know I'll return to time and time again.

I stumbled across this little gem, called Stover's Point, online looking for the perfect place to take a stroll after ingesting more calories than I know my body needs. My son and I were planning on arriving with the Cheesecake Sampler so I already knew I was screwed. I digress. 

Stover's Point Preserve is part of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust here in Maine. After navigating south on Route 123 from Brunswick, turn left onto Stover's Cove Road. When we went, there was still a good sized snow banking at the entrance that we had to park beside and had to scramble over it (and I was happy to have four wheel drive, it was muddy!). When it's a little drier, you can drive right onto the beach to park. 

The beach is a combination of sand, pebbles and smooth rocks and includes some fantastic skipping stones. The views expand along Harpswell Sound across to Orr's and Bailey's Islands and the cribstone bridge connecting the two. We were there at high tide, but I can imagine how much fun it would be to beach comb at low tide given the amount of sea glass we found along the beach side and the tidal pools would be great investigative fun as well. 

A great find - I highly recommend! 

The official sign provides the rules of the road

A few Herring Gulls hang out in the tidal pools that are formed in the semi circle of beach

Overlooking Harpswell Sound

The cribstone bridge connecting Orr's Island to Bailey's Island

A really sweet, peaceful place!


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