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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scarborough Marsh - Audubon side - Scarborough, Maine

The Scarborough Marsh. Typically when I head to the marsh, I tromp down the Eastern Trail mostly because it's easily accessible and dry. Today I thought - why not? I went across the street to test out the Marsh trail instead.

This trail starts by either parking at the Audubon Center and crossing the street or parking between the Center and the Eastern Trail (by the culvert) and heading in that way. I chose the latter of the two on this day.  

The trail winds through the woods until you hit the marsh, then it gets a little spongy but I didn't get my sneakers wet so all was good. Overlooking the far back corner of the marsh I spotted some green winged teal and black ducks, a pair of greater yellowlegs and a bittern. In the front of the marsh I found glossy ibis, great and snowy egrets, tree swallows, mallards, lesser yellowlegs, sparrows galore, eagles and a passing harrier. 

I walked as far as I could possibly go then reluctantly turned back. What a sweet place to just hang out for awhile. A trail map can be found here thanks to the Audubon Center's site.

Glossy Ibis

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

A disgruntled looking Herring Gull

Green Winged Teals


See him hiding? That's a Greater Yellowlegs

Ring Billed Gull


Tree Swallows contemplate housing options

Incoming Snowy Egret

Outbound Great Egret

Lesser Yellowlegs


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