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Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Bluebird parents...

My Bluebird parents are putting up one heck of a show. With 5 large, healthy babies still in the box and unwilling to leave they have been feeding them nonstop with the exception of landing in the tops of the large trees out back and trying to coax them out. Not working. According to my calculations, they should have fledged last Thursday (the 27th) or Friday (the 28th) however I have read that brooding during cold spells will force that timeframe to be pushed out, so I'm not really surprised. We had a frost and some seriously cold nights since the eggs were laid. I'm sure they will come popping out of there any time now - especially when I'm not watching! ♥

My fingers are hurting they are so crossed for a second brood. :) It would be very sad to not hear Mr & Mrs B warbling around the yard any longer.

Lookit the size of that worm. YUCK! She's pretty proud to have found it....

Come on - take it! I know it's huge just eat it!

Mom! I can't get my mouth open big enough!

It's about time, now eat it all up!

Good Lord I can't wait for them to get out of this box!

Mrs. B enjoys some 'me time' soaking up the sun

Oh my - what's that thing looking at us! That's not MOM!

 Mine! Mine! Mine!

A feathered parent's job is never done

 That is one big bug Mr B!

I'm still not ready! Now keep feeding me!

I'll go this way to look for more food.... 

Ok, I'll go this way...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Chickadee story - One family fledges and another begins

My last day with the Chickadee babies was on Monday, May 24th. I managed to snap the pictures below of Mr. & Mrs. Chick feverishly feeding their plump patrons - you can tell by the look on their faces they were getting pretty tired. They called and called and called trying to lure them out, but the babies wouldn't budge. The following morning I heard them, by the time I got home from work the box was silent. I checked - empty. I'll was a little sad and very proud all at the same time. My first Chickadee attempt in one of my nestboxes was a success! 

Mom? Mom! Where are you? Are you coming back?

I'm right here! Come on out and get the wormie! Come on' you can do it!

Oh no, you come to me. It's too big out there, I'm staying right here....

I can guarantee they won't stay in there much longer.

So I sat on my back porch, numbed by the abscence of crying from the box when I realized - there was a Chickadee flying in and out of another nest box I have along the trailside. I grabbed my binoculars - she was carrying nesting material! Hooray! I might have another brood coming up soon! I missed out on the nest building last time, she is certainly one busy little lady! I read that Chickadees won't brood twice in one year, perhaps this one saw how happy the last family was and decided to have one of her own. She prompted me to clean out the flattened nest from the other box, maybe someone will move in there again as well!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adventure at Wolfe's Neck State Park - Freeport

Last Sunday (feels like a year ago to me right now!) was Adventure Sunday. We hiked Bradbury Mountain in the morning, then after a quick lunch at the posh McDonald's in Freeport headed over to Wolfe's Neck State Park.

The park itself has a fantastic history with it's 245 acres and 5 miles of hiking trails. It also supports an Osprey Nesting Sanctuary, which is super cool. You can find plenty of wildlife to sometimes include Horse shoe Crabs - one of the only places around where they still thrive.

We stuck to the shoreline walk since the boys were done with hiking and onto exploring and it was low tide. They immediately muddied their sneakers in the soft, clay-sand beach so I made them leave those behind on a rock and warned them of the dangers of wading in the water with HorseShoe crabs. They stuck to the tidal pools and playing in the seaweed instead - not a bad thing! We 'beached it' around to the stairway at the far boundries of the park and made our way back via the trail. It took us about an hour and a half and we loved every minute of it!

More information on the Wolfe's Neck State Park can be found by clicking on the link. Also, here's a map of the area. This is an area that I highly recommend for all ages - it's trails are cool in the summer and you get to walk some rugged Maine coastline. Of course, there's a park fee - it would have cost me $5.00 for the three of us and my State Park Pass saved me again.

P.S. to my birding friends. I've determined that there IS no birding with those two in tow, so I have no real news for you besides seeing the Osprey, her three babies and a few gulls.

The Trail Map from the upper parking lot

We took the Casco Bay Trail

The trail down to the shoreline where the Osprey Sanctuary is

The boys show off their find - a Horseshoe Crab shell

The shed their shells much like a lobster or a crab does.

The Osprey Sanctuary

Shoeless Beach Bums. We left them behind...

The Osprey nest - the babies had just been there but wouldn't come back out!

Momma Osprey shredding up some fish for the babies

The boys weren't the only ones to leave their shoes behind

Proof that the rocks were sharp

Contemplating smashing a couple of Mussells. I talked him out of it.

I loved the holes in the rocks

No need for a walking stick on rocks

What a cutie he is!


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