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Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Bluebird parents...

My Bluebird parents are putting up one heck of a show. With 5 large, healthy babies still in the box and unwilling to leave they have been feeding them nonstop with the exception of landing in the tops of the large trees out back and trying to coax them out. Not working. According to my calculations, they should have fledged last Thursday (the 27th) or Friday (the 28th) however I have read that brooding during cold spells will force that timeframe to be pushed out, so I'm not really surprised. We had a frost and some seriously cold nights since the eggs were laid. I'm sure they will come popping out of there any time now - especially when I'm not watching! ♥

My fingers are hurting they are so crossed for a second brood. :) It would be very sad to not hear Mr & Mrs B warbling around the yard any longer.

Lookit the size of that worm. YUCK! She's pretty proud to have found it....

Come on - take it! I know it's huge just eat it!

Mom! I can't get my mouth open big enough!

It's about time, now eat it all up!

Good Lord I can't wait for them to get out of this box!

Mrs. B enjoys some 'me time' soaking up the sun

Oh my - what's that thing looking at us! That's not MOM!

 Mine! Mine! Mine!

A feathered parent's job is never done

 That is one big bug Mr B!

I'm still not ready! Now keep feeding me!

I'll go this way to look for more food.... 

Ok, I'll go this way...


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