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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gisland Farm & Ferry Beach on a sunny Saturday

My mom came down last weekend to hang with us, she doesn't live all that far away but sometimes it feels like she's across the Atlantic from us. Our original intent was walk Mackworth Island immediately following Monkey's Baseball opening ceremonies, but when we got there the parking lot was slammed full and we were rejected. Whatever. I decided that we would try out the Gisland Farm trails, located kinda-sorta-not-exactly across Route 1 from Mackworth.

After parking in the main parking lot near the center, we started down a trail that lead us through the woods where there were hundreds of Trout Lillies growing everywhere. Squirrels chased each other through the trees and hundreds of songbirds made it almost impossible to determine what was who and where. I wasn't on a birding mission that day, more of spending time with me mum and the Monkey. The trail opened up into a field, we walked to the far corner and had a great view of the Presumpscott River estuary. The trail dipped and climbed but was easy enough walking, through fields and woods and along marshes, the gardens and then the pond. I would love to go back with birding on the brain! It was fantastic! We ended the trip by dropping by the visitors center and Monkey had a blast checking out the turtles, bees and all the books they had available for children. We will go back, I can guarantee it.

We never did make it to Mackworth but went to Ferry Beach after Gisland, that was just as nice. Anyway, below are some photos I took along the way. :) Enjoy!

The Trout Lillies were everywhere!

I ♥ ferns.


Bamboo Horsetail

Wandering Monkey

The Presumpscot River estuary

Baby Maples

Looking rather excited to have found some clay!

Apple blossoms

Marsh Marigolds

Some seriously big poliwogs!


Peeking in the center's windows

We tried to take a trail by the Black Point Inn, Cape Elizabeth but it wasn't a public access trail like it used to be. I chickened out and we didn't stay long, didn't want my car towed!

The old Pump House for the Black Point Inn, a fabulous work of granite!

Scarborough Beach

And then we made it to Ferry Beach, where we walked around the point and enjoyed sand, sun and a light salty breeze....


He finds tennis balls wherever he goes, I swear

Beach glass

Parasailing off Pine Point

Seagulls make me laugh, so brazen and so stupid sometimes

This little girl looks just like my niece did at the same age!

Driving Ms. Daisy at the Supermarket.....

.......in search of ice cream for supper. :)


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