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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy mother's day! Babies and new arrivals to help make my day...

Happy Mother's day! Today is my double-whammy, since it's also my birthday. My cherub bounded into my bed at 5:30 this morning with his hands clutched around three cards and a special present. I ended up with a hand made card and a shell 'painted' just for me and two store-bought cards. He almost made me cry. ♥

I checked my Chickadee nestbox on Friday, knowing it was going to be cold and rainy this weekend and that the eggs were due to hatch between the 7th and 8th. Momma Chickadee needs a mother's day card too, because when I peeked in the box a mouth immediately opened! I counted 5 babies and one egg - and they had obviously just hatched, looking like little pink worms in the box. I didn't bother to check on Mrs. Bluebird, knowing hers are due on the 10th and need all the warmth they can get right now.

Speaking of Bluebirds, when my current nesting pair showed up I thought they were my nesting pair from last year. This week made me think differently - I've found a male and female forlornly sitting in the tree where the nestbox used to be, and a male sitting on top of the unused box occasionally. When I keep an eye on the nestbox with eggs, I see Mrs. B entering and exiting. A male stopped on the back porch last night to say hi - something Mr. B used to do last year. They used to follow me around in the yard and 'twerdle' to me. I noticed today that the female isn't as blue as the one that's been hanging around, and has a more prominent orage band around her neck. I think last year's pair is back - how cool would it be if they nested too? :)

Other notefulls - I have a female Indigo Bunting and a female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak eating from my feeders in the evening, but have yet to see either male. Orioles are gleaning the apple tree next door and Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal are hanging out more and more every day. I almost miss the bareness of the trees since it was easier to see all that was going on, but I love that summer is right around the corner. Even if it is only supposed to be 50 something degrees today.

Her nest is tucked so far in the back of the box I have to use the mirror to get pictures!

Little nestling worms back there, and you can barely see the unhatched egg. Hopefully it hatched over the weekend!

Female Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

I never knew they had that yellowish-orange under their wings!

Ever have that feeling that someone is sneaking up behind you?

Mr. B stopped by to say hi, and to see if we could turn up the heat

My precious morning treasure. ♥


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