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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Bradbury Mountain State Park adventure


Sunday May 23rd was a foggy morning, but we decided to stick with our plans to get out for the day. Bubster had spent the night at our house, so I roused the boys up semi-early, fed them breakfast then headed out the door.

It's about an hour from our house to get to the Freeport/Pownell area where Bradbury Mountain sits, and when we arrived around 10:00ish the place was already a mini-mob scene. A troop of both girl and boy scouts were there along with a birthday party for a very young tot. They have excellent grounds there for functions and parties, very clean and well maintained.

We hit the Summit trail, which is the shortest route to the best scenic view straight off the parking lot - AFTER the boys spent about 10 minutes playing on the playground. I swear, they will never grow up at all. :) The .2 of a mile trail was steep but easily scampered up by the three of us. The open area was pretty much taken up by 15-20 adults and children however much like a restaurant the turnover was pretty quick. We spent about 15 minutes there enjoying the views, then I gave the map to the boys to determine the best way back down. They chose to take the Bluff trail, which provided another scenic overlook. Along the trail were large bunches or Ladyslippers, Lilly of the Valley, Bunchberry, Bluebead Lillies and Canada Mayflowers.

After rounding the second 'lookout', the boys took over the map once again and got us back on the Northern Loop trail. This wound around the back side of the park and then along the roadside, bringing us back to the parking areas. Many wood-warblers, sparrows, chickadees and a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak sang us along as we were passed by many off-road bikers and hikers heading up the hill. We stopped at the Cattle Pound for a minute so I could explain how those used to work, but the boys were more interested in getting back to the playground, where I had promised they could hang out for a few minutes before we had to leave.

All in all, it was a great time. The trip was about a mile long, took us just under an hour and was very enjoyable - plenty to see and hear. I would suggest having a trail map in hand, once we knew what trail we were on, they were very clearly marked in red, blue, green and white - it was knowing what trail we were on at times that was a little hairy (and I know what I'm doing). The Park fees were $5.00 - but cost me nothing with the Maine State Park Pass. Visit Bradbury Mountain State Park for details, maps and information.

The Summit Trail was our choice to get to the top quickly

The Mountain Monkeys take a quick break on the way up

Motivatin' to the top

The tiniest chipmunk I've ever seen! He was no bigger than a field mouse!

Come on! We found the top!

Enjoying the view

 Still a little overcast, but slowly clearing up


 Thank goodness for trail markers!

 White Pine

 I think we need to go...... that way!

 Bluebead Lily

 "That's the Tote Road trail, that goes the wrong way" - He's becoming quite the navigator!

 Spinulose Wood Fern, I do believe.....

 Lily of the Valley

 Atop the Cattle Pound, looking about 17

 Climbing out of the 'Pound

 Bubster playing in the '5 and under' play area... lol

 And Monkey gets his butt squished. Doesn't that look painful?


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