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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portland's Back Cove

Well, I had thought walking 4 miles around Peaks Island was enough but the Monkey felt otherwise. He wanted to ride his bike some more, so I thought 'where is a place that we haven't been lately that we can go?'. Back Cove in Portland was the obvious and close by choice.

Back Cove is internal to downtown Portland, a saltwater estruary that loops in a 3 1/2 mile biking / walking / running trail and is very popular to all walks of life. It runs along Portland's I-295 and Baxter Boulevard and the traffic is heavy at all times, but hardly noticable in most parts. We made the loop in less than two hours taking our time and enjoying the warm weather and scenery. Below is a brief pictorial of our trip.

Well, this is where we start.

Purple Crown Vetch runs rampant along the I-295 side of the trail

Segways on the trail!

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

Yellow Crown Vetch

Looking back over the parking area with downtown Portland to the left

One mile in

The passageway that runs along the I-295. I have to admit, this area makes me super nervous!

The infamous B&M Baked Beans plant!

Overlooking Tukey's Bridge

Downtown from Baxter Boulevard

Phew! Two in, 1 1/2 to go!

I ♥ my backpack!

Overlooking the Baxter Boulevard area

The end for two very tired yet happy trailers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peaks Island Hike n Bike trip

The Peaks Island trail loop. We did this back in 2009 and it was one of my first blogs, and a totally enjoyable trip. Right up until the Monkey decided he wanted to turn around and go back when he saw the hill we needed to climb. With this in my back pocket, it was determined we would start backwards this time, and with much more time planned.

We made it to the Ferry terminal at 10:00, and even found parking in the parking garage. Note to self - the height of the garage is 6'5" until you get to the top floor, where is turns to 6'. I thought I was going to have a heart attack before we got to our parking spot. There is an elevator that let us haul the bike to the bottom floor, where we went straight to the ticket booth and bought an Adult, Child and Child bike ticket for $14.80. From there, we hustled onto the 10:15 ferry. 

We landed on the island at 10:30 and started up the hill and to the left onto Island Avenue. From there, we ventured the four mile trek on our own time, working our way through the Trefethen section of the island (and kept going straight instead of making a left, a minor detour with great views of Little Diamond Island), onto Seashore Avenue (look for the Back Cove Way signs) where we made it down the doomed hill from our previous trip (much easier to go down than up!) and made the loop back to Peaks Island House for lunch where I had the Shrimp Ceasar Salad and Monkey had two hot dog and french fry platters (he claimed they were the best hot dogs he had ever had - although my salad was delicous and perhaps we were starving) and finished with plenty of time to catch the 2:45 back to the mainland.

All in all, one of the best Monkey n' Mom days we've had in a long time - as you can see below. Lots of pictures, but would you expect anything different from me? :)

"No, you may not spit off the railing. There are people down there!"

Sailboat at the dock, waiting on it's next paying crew

The 'Harsh Mistress', coming back to port.

The Chippewa, a loacl tour boat, shows it's passengers a harbor seal. She's listing because most are on the side of the boat where the seal is!

Spring Point Light, with a sailboat and the Portland Headlight in the background

Bug Light

Looking back on Portland


Biking is the way to go on the island


Overlooking Little Diamond Island

Little Diamond with Great Diamond Island in the background

So many roses on the island

Pond + Boy = Trouble

Song Sparrow

Gatoraid commercial

Happy and on top of the world. Or the island.

Ram Island lighthouse

Flowering poison ivy! Egads!

Wild morning glory

Yellow Warbler

So many Catbirds on the island, it was crazy!

A Song Sparrow, ready to feed her new family

The Centinal of Casco Bay, embedded in the rocks - see his face?

We made it! Lunchtime!

Best hotdog EVAH!

Overlooking Portland, with some nasty clouds on the front

Crazy pier jumping girls

The Bay View Lady, another tour boat that visits the islands

Here comes our ride home!

Filtering off the boat, most of them after sharing a perfect day with us.


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