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Thursday, June 16, 2011

4th Grade Field trip to Augusta

I know, right? BORING! But it was the 4th Grade field trip to Augusta to visit the State House, Museum and Blaine House. A good learning experience for parents and children. Children learn about our history, Parents learn about hour and a half bus rides with 40 something kids. Where were all those electronics when I was a kid? Huh? Oh - sorry - I digress.

We piled on the bus around 8:50 and it left the building promptly at 9:00. I got to sit with one of my charges - C - for the bus ride north. Two others - the Monkey and G sat directly across from me. We were in the first row of the bus, and before we hit Auburn I thought I was going to be sick to my stomach. No wonder I never sat up there as a kid. C and I had long discussions about fishing, camping, traveling when the conversation turned to video games in which you can hit a teacher repeatedly over the head with implements of destruction. I think he was testing me, I wouldn't budge. "That sounds like a fun game, can you switch it up and be the teacher and hit the kids with stuff?" "Uhhh - no. I also have Mario Kart." Bluff called - chaperone one, kid nothin'.

We pulled into the parking lot around 10:30 and the kids filtered off the bus and into the lobby of the State Museum. It was minor bedlam at first, kudos to the kids for sitting still so long - the mayhem was well deserved. The teachers quickly roped them back in, their bags were stored in holding bins and we worked our way to the State House.

We were greeted by a tour guide in the Flag room who explained some brief history of the House, how it was built, the flags, the paintings and other various trivia of the building. We were then ushered up to the top floor for a little information about the Capital dome, and then into the House of Representatives where we got to view a bill being passed and received a standing ovation from the Representatives for joining them. We  then walked to the bottom floor where we viewed a couple of 'Dioramas' of Moose, Deer, wetlands and woodlands, then made our way back out of the building where we reconvened at the Museum for lunch.

Next stop - the Museum.......

Northbound on the Turnpike

"How much further?" "Not far now!"

The Capital, Augusta Maine

The Museum lobby Aircraft

Mahyem. "Look, he only has one leg!"

Working our way to the State House

Flags in the "Flag Room"

Our tour guide provides tidbits about the House

Democratic Representative for Buxton & Hollis, Robert Hunt

Govenor Baxter's 'bust' - one of the best men we've ever had in office. Baxter State Park was donated by him, one of the largest parks in the state, located in Northern Maine.

Powerful woman!

Looking at the inside of the Dome

The House!

Ummm, I think that moose is sniffing your butt

MOOSE! Ok, it's fake.


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