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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portland's Back Cove

Well, I had thought walking 4 miles around Peaks Island was enough but the Monkey felt otherwise. He wanted to ride his bike some more, so I thought 'where is a place that we haven't been lately that we can go?'. Back Cove in Portland was the obvious and close by choice.

Back Cove is internal to downtown Portland, a saltwater estruary that loops in a 3 1/2 mile biking / walking / running trail and is very popular to all walks of life. It runs along Portland's I-295 and Baxter Boulevard and the traffic is heavy at all times, but hardly noticable in most parts. We made the loop in less than two hours taking our time and enjoying the warm weather and scenery. Below is a brief pictorial of our trip.

Well, this is where we start.

Purple Crown Vetch runs rampant along the I-295 side of the trail

Segways on the trail!

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

Yellow Crown Vetch

Looking back over the parking area with downtown Portland to the left

One mile in

The passageway that runs along the I-295. I have to admit, this area makes me super nervous!

The infamous B&M Baked Beans plant!

Overlooking Tukey's Bridge

Downtown from Baxter Boulevard

Phew! Two in, 1 1/2 to go!

I ♥ my backpack!

Overlooking the Baxter Boulevard area

The end for two very tired yet happy trailers.


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