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Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th Grade trip to the Blaine House & the long ride home

Talk about a drawn out set of stories - holy cow. This is the last installment from our Field Trip to Augusta, ending with photos of the Blaine House.

The Blaine House has a fantastic history and is the home of our Governor and family while they are in office. Built by a retired Sea Captain in 1832, the home used to overlook the Kennebec River where one could watch the ships coming and going. More information can be found by visiting the Blaine House website at http://www.blainehouse.org/index.html 

Cam wonders if it's time to go home yet....

A pretty cool experience to play on the Governor's piano!

The pool table room was of great interest

Original commemorative plates!

The tea room

The formal dining room

Looking back at the Capital

In our way back to the museum - someone is contemplating a dip!

The bus ride home - thank goodness for electronic devices!

And Mario Kart!

"Are we there yet?"

Monkey spots the school entrance. Thank goodness! :)


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