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Friday, December 31, 2010

Why is the Titmouse family so darn cute?!

"Oh - get my right side, it's better"

"How's this pose?"

"You know, I'm not sure if I've told you but I prefer those red nut things"

"But I'll take the sunflower seeds"


Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Pileated Woodpecker backyard friend

A few weeks back I busted the Pileated right on the treeline hammering away at one of my oaks. I tried to sneak out for a good picture but alas - I'm not light enough on my feet. I hadn't seen once since, but the evidence that they had been around was mounting. Sure enough, I glanced out the window the other morning and found the female pounding away at a different tree, only a few feet from the ground and right behind the house. What a gorgeous, noisy (and very big) feathered friend to have around. I hope they keep coming back! :)

It's the female, as known by the lack of a red 'mustache'

Here's the latest excavation in my poor oak

"Oh, do you see me? Gotta go!"

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

"The biggest storm of 2010", "Near Blizzard conditions expected", "Blizzard Watch", "Blizzard Warning", Blizzard, blizzard, blizzard. Snore. Every time I heard those buzz words I felt like I should be in Dairy Queen ordering a blizzard.

To be honest - I appreciate the approach that weathermen take when warning about an incoming storm. Shock and awe is always a good way to snag the public's attention. They started talking about this storm and it's forboding characteristics late last week, to the point where I thought it would be like when I was a kid and we were going to get three feet of the white stuff. Then they started tossing out predictive snowfall amounts. 12 - 20". Now seriously - that's alot of shoveling but it's nothing in comparison to the days when we could make tunnels through the front yard without using the pile made by the plow. They claimed that the storm system would be a Category 1 Hurricane though - ok, they win. It is a big deal.

I woke up  around 5:30 this morning and there was about 9 inches piled up on the back porch in the low spots. I didn't bother with measuring the higher piles because I figured they were the result of the wind gusts that made the dog climb in bed with me during the night and then proceed to sprawl out until she had 98% of the bed space. She doesn't like the wind because that usually means the power will go out and the filter on the fish tank will make that odd gurgling noise until it stops - and then it's dead silence. It really freaks her out. I digress.

It didn't snow for a long time this morning, I knew I was going to have to work. The neighbors across the street (aka - the crazies) plowed me out and even did the mailbox. I took Monkey to the Bubster's around 11:00 and the roads were terrible. Not long after I got home Bubster's dad came over and plowed me out again. It's like a battle between those two and I won't complain at all - it's free ya know. The birdies were here all afternoon between squalls, I felt bad watching them battle the winds to get from the safety of the pine branches to the feeders, they managed to make it alive. By now, the snow has just about come to a stop and I probably have about a foot out of the deal. A little less than the 16 - 20" they predicted, but hey - who knows... with all the wind it could have been 20" and it just blew away.

I'm just excited that I can use the snowshoes my mom got me for Christmas!

Samantha loves the snow

"I'm bored already"

All the radar shows is more snow!

Yes, I kicked him out - but he looks happy about it

 Snow blowing in the wind

 Peeka eyes the Juncos

 The boy loves the snow

My neighbors save the day


Ahh, too many clowns hanging around the feeder today

Who are you calling a clown?

I'm outta here

 Methinks Me's gonna break in the new 'shoes tonight

Monday, December 20, 2010

Squirrels in the Feeders

Look little birds, get out of here. I'm taking over this feeder, so go find your own.

Where did the Pileated go? Someone needs to excavate your brain cavern.

If that lady that lives in the house catches you she won't be happy.

Like it matters to me?

I'm just really glad he can't get into the suet

**sigh** well I would just like to get at a feeder. Do you know how far I've just traveled?

Do I look like I care? I'm just a gray rat.

There's a good chance that it was totally unfair of me to re-enact my sliding door show with my own words. However I will point out that there were 14 squirrels in my back yard on this particular day and none of them cared much for the little birdies or each other as far as that goes. I was not happy about it at all.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree......

There's nothing like a Christmas tree to bring out some serious nostalgia. I don't have ornaments that match nor do they have a 'theme', my ornaments are remnants of past experiences. I have some hand me downs that came from my mother, I have others that were made by my Grandmother and my Memere. I have some that I bought for my very first Christmas tree and a couple that were given to me from my neighbor's trip to Disney this summer for watching their house.

The best part of my conglomorate of ornaments are those that the Monkey has made from paper, beads and other non-sensicle materials - the ones that were made from the heart with love (or because he was bored at school and someone helped him step-by-step). Either way, they are proudly hung year after year and kept safely when not on display.

Our tree is a work of art, and I love it. I hope yours bring as much joy to you as mine does for me.

A representative of my Step-Daughter in snowgirl form

This was on a present received from my sister

Ahh, given to me by the girls at work back in 2000

Made by the Monkey at After-Care

Oh - a photographer!

Memere made this one...

And crocheted this one too

This set of apples was part of a halloween costume once... lol

My beads - circa 1990 something

Another heart-felt hand made hanger

My Cardinal ornaments, for our first Christmas in the new house

The Monkey in snowman form..

I believe this was made by Grammie and the Monkey

And last - but not least - another Monkey-made school bulb. I love this one! :)


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