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Monday, December 20, 2010

Squirrels in the Feeders

Look little birds, get out of here. I'm taking over this feeder, so go find your own.

Where did the Pileated go? Someone needs to excavate your brain cavern.

If that lady that lives in the house catches you she won't be happy.

Like it matters to me?

I'm just really glad he can't get into the suet

**sigh** well I would just like to get at a feeder. Do you know how far I've just traveled?

Do I look like I care? I'm just a gray rat.

There's a good chance that it was totally unfair of me to re-enact my sliding door show with my own words. However I will point out that there were 14 squirrels in my back yard on this particular day and none of them cared much for the little birdies or each other as far as that goes. I was not happy about it at all.


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