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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Pileated Woodpecker backyard friend

A few weeks back I busted the Pileated right on the treeline hammering away at one of my oaks. I tried to sneak out for a good picture but alas - I'm not light enough on my feet. I hadn't seen once since, but the evidence that they had been around was mounting. Sure enough, I glanced out the window the other morning and found the female pounding away at a different tree, only a few feet from the ground and right behind the house. What a gorgeous, noisy (and very big) feathered friend to have around. I hope they keep coming back! :)

It's the female, as known by the lack of a red 'mustache'

Here's the latest excavation in my poor oak

"Oh, do you see me? Gotta go!"


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