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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree......

There's nothing like a Christmas tree to bring out some serious nostalgia. I don't have ornaments that match nor do they have a 'theme', my ornaments are remnants of past experiences. I have some hand me downs that came from my mother, I have others that were made by my Grandmother and my Memere. I have some that I bought for my very first Christmas tree and a couple that were given to me from my neighbor's trip to Disney this summer for watching their house.

The best part of my conglomorate of ornaments are those that the Monkey has made from paper, beads and other non-sensicle materials - the ones that were made from the heart with love (or because he was bored at school and someone helped him step-by-step). Either way, they are proudly hung year after year and kept safely when not on display.

Our tree is a work of art, and I love it. I hope yours bring as much joy to you as mine does for me.

A representative of my Step-Daughter in snowgirl form

This was on a present received from my sister

Ahh, given to me by the girls at work back in 2000

Made by the Monkey at After-Care

Oh - a photographer!

Memere made this one...

And crocheted this one too

This set of apples was part of a halloween costume once... lol

My beads - circa 1990 something

Another heart-felt hand made hanger

My Cardinal ornaments, for our first Christmas in the new house

The Monkey in snowman form..

I believe this was made by Grammie and the Monkey

And last - but not least - another Monkey-made school bulb. I love this one! :)


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