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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where does the time go anyway?

Yes folks, I'm still alive. The past week has been incredibly crazy and exhausting for me but I made it through. I'm currently sitting on my back porch listening to the hum of my neighbor's lawnmower reminding me that I need to trim my own hayfield, a goldfinch on steriods, my other neighbor seeding the field and the musical reminder that the Ice Cream man is in the neighborhood. It's sunny, beautiful and 80 degrees and I'm writing a blog. Go figure. Considering the fact that I slept until 10 this morning, something within me is telling me to just take it easy today. 

I checked my nestboxes and found that Mr & Mrs Bluebird have a healthy clutch of 5 eggs and that Mr & Mrs Chickadee have 6. My little overachievers. The swallows swing in every day to inspect the other east box, but haven't made camp yet, the other two in the woodline are just waiting for a wren to come along, but I'm wondering if it's too late yet? I'm very pleased with who I do have for tenants regardless. Other than that I haven't had time to consider watching my backyard birdies. I have seen some male and female blackbirds under the platform feeder, the cardinals are hanging steady as well as the purple finches, the goldfinches and chickadees are constants and the titmouse is very loudly proclaiming that this is his property. There is a sharp-shinned hawk that does a daily fly-by but doesn't stick around for long, other than that a few grackles, swallows and the ever present robins. I'm hoping that the scarlet tanager returns, he's such a beautiful addition to my already colorful back yard.

Monkey had his first baseball game last night and was the starting pitcher. He was a nervous wreck, I bet he used the restroom 15 times before the start of the game. He quickly went through his 50+ pitches then made appeared as an outfielder and 3rd baseman. They got creamed, not even sure what the score was - I offered up my assistance as the bench/batting order keeper and forgot how much I love hanging out with the kids. They make me laugh so much and it's funny how if you praise them for striking out really well they will beam with pride.

I owe you some blogs from last weekend - we walked Gisland Farm Audobon area and Ferry beach with my mother on Saturday and I think I have stuff from Sunday. I promise to get those online soon. For now? I'm going to enjoy my view of the back yard from the porch and make it look like I'm on official business. :)

The Chickdee's nest

The Bluebird nest

My neighbor is planting Oats in the field next door

He does it my hand every year - there must be a couple of acres - Wild Plums in the background

My nasturtiums are popping!

Monkey's debut as the starting pitcher

He blew a blood vessel in my hand practing with him - I need a catchers mitt!


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