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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stover's Point - Harpswell, Maine

I'm a sucker for a nice quiet spot on the coast of my precious state, the hard part is finding one that you don't have to share with a gazillion other people at the same time. Easter Sunday, we found a new one that I know I'll return to time and time again.

I stumbled across this little gem, called Stover's Point, online looking for the perfect place to take a stroll after ingesting more calories than I know my body needs. My son and I were planning on arriving with the Cheesecake Sampler so I already knew I was screwed. I digress. 

Stover's Point Preserve is part of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust here in Maine. After navigating south on Route 123 from Brunswick, turn left onto Stover's Cove Road. When we went, there was still a good sized snow banking at the entrance that we had to park beside and had to scramble over it (and I was happy to have four wheel drive, it was muddy!). When it's a little drier, you can drive right onto the beach to park. 

The beach is a combination of sand, pebbles and smooth rocks and includes some fantastic skipping stones. The views expand along Harpswell Sound across to Orr's and Bailey's Islands and the cribstone bridge connecting the two. We were there at high tide, but I can imagine how much fun it would be to beach comb at low tide given the amount of sea glass we found along the beach side and the tidal pools would be great investigative fun as well. 

A great find - I highly recommend! 

The official sign provides the rules of the road

A few Herring Gulls hang out in the tidal pools that are formed in the semi circle of beach

Overlooking Harpswell Sound

The cribstone bridge connecting Orr's Island to Bailey's Island

A really sweet, peaceful place!


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