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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another addition to the Buxton Zoo!

I'm alive! I'm still here! I know, it's been a long time and I found myself sitting here thinking about how much I've missed my blogging. Not like a ton of you really read what I have to say, but it makes me feel good to just get stuff out. =) I was sitting here at my computer with a big bowl of Singapore Mei Fun (nice and spicy) and contemplating starting back up. So - I've decided to start with new beginnings. It might make it easier to understand any future blogs I might write.

When we lost our dog Samantha, we gained Rollins. Rollins came to us through Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a group out of Tennessee who take in dogs in need and send them to foster families until they find their forever homes. Or Furever homes - as folks often mention in comments on their Facebook page. Rollins has become a rock in our home and completely outgrown his projections from a mere 50 pounds when we got him to a solid 85 pounds today. He's part Anatolian Shepard and I'm glad it's only part! I was so happy with our experience with Big Fluffy that I figured I would stick my neck out and try fostering, in a 'pay it back' kind of way. I quickly found out that I am a failure.

Minnie's story was horrific. 10 dogs rescued from a small, enclosed pen where they relieved themselves and when food was available ate in the same space. For two weeks they had no fresh water, no food and the pack reverted to having two puppies that has passed on from starvation for dinner - all because the owners cried out for help and no one stepped up until Big Fluffy came along. I'm hearing it took an hour of bathing each dog to get them clean enough to inspect. No one is sure who were parents or siblings of most of the dogs are, but it's easy to see a family resemblance to some.

Minnie came to us mid September scared out of her mind and unable to walk on a leash, the 2 day transport from Tennessee to Maine really did a number on her. She was immediately fine with Rollins, my son and I in the house and never snapped at anyone when she was near the food or water dishes. She did - however, take a strong liking to chewies and although sounding protective - really is a pushover when it comes down to it. She quickly warmed up and learned the ways of the house, even making quick friends with the cat. Within a week, I knew she wasn't going anywhere - I filled out the paperwork and made her our own.

Minnie now walks perfectly on a leash and loves to ride in the truck. She shares her chewies with Rollins and gives the cat kisses. She sleeps curled in a ball at the end of my bed and when I wake up, she flings herself into my arms. Her little voice can sound like a full sized Rottweiler when needed and she doesn't appreciate the deer in our yard. She also doesn't appreciate people on bikes or jogging while on walkies and still makes occasional mistakes in the house, but considering her background it means nothing to me. She has more love than any purebred poodle, guaranteed. From what we figure, she is a border collie/italian greyhoundish/bluetick kinda mutt who is either 2 or 6 years old based on two vet opinions. I'll have a third here pretty quick.

Her other family members have mostly been adopted but some are still in foster care, such as Marshall - who is blind in both eyes but it doesn't stop him much at all from what I hear. Here they are! I wanted to try to keep some sort of family tree so it doesn't get lost - this will work just fine.

This is our Minnie! She looks happy here but it's been a long trip for this poor girl.

We believe this handsome creature was dad - he is happily adopted

This pretty lady is mom - she is also adopted

This is the picture that totally did me in. Look at those eyes!

Marshall is believed to be Minnie's brother, they are just about twins! He is blind but it doesn't seem to bother him - he is still in Foster care waiting for a place to call home. Mom is pictured again.

This is either another sibling to Marshall and Minnie or a sister to Mom Millie. Macie unfortunately pulled a houdini move when first brought to her foster home and has been on the lam since. She is roaming the streets in CT with a tribe of well-doers tracking her ever move since September!

Get your 'Awwww' on! This is one of the puppies salvaged from the wreckage, now safe in a foster home.

And this bright eyed beauty is another baby saved by Big Fluffy, I believe this one is in a forever home.


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