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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Minnie's first public walk - the Eastern Trail

The day finally came when I could get Minnie close enough to put her in the truck - I swear ever time before that she was convinced that I was going to bring her to another place. She just hadn't gotten the memo that she was home. So I didn't think twice about just driving off with Minnie and Rollins in the back seat. She curled up into a nervous ball while Rollins paced back and forth whining and barking in his normal way.

We got to the Eastern Trail and it was relatively quiet - thank goodness - since I wanted to make sure that Minnie had a god chance to get used to being on a leash with a collar. So far she had done well, and she didn't disappoint me here either.

We walked all the way from the Black Point end of the trail back to the marsh, took a break then turned back. The leaves were gorgeous and the weather perfect - the only issues we had were joggers and bicycles, which Minnie apparently doesn't like and would get rather snarky as soon as they came near. I suppose if I had been locked up in a cage and never saw anything like that in my life, I would be a little snarky too. But that is nothing a little love and persuasion can't fix.

We pretty much had the whole path to ourselves

The marsh was incredible, so colorful

I just smelled the poop!

I believe I see a smile on that little face!

Let me get the squirrel mom!

Let's do that again!


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