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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Common Yellowthroats

I was walking the dog not far from home and could hear a familiar noise in the bushes on the first pass by.... that cross between 'chip' and 'chuck'.... I wasn't 100% paying attention so I kept on trucking. 

On the way back through I heard it again and realized it was a Common Yellowthroat, but I've never seen one personally - only identified by sound. So I stopped for a second - and there he was in the treetops. He was totally unimpressed that I was standing there then I realized why - he had a huge bug in his mouth. There had to be a next nearby! So I walked a few paces down the road and he dropped down into the bushes. 


So I finished my walk home, grabbed my camera and went back. Of course I did! There he was and to my delight, momma came out to yell at me too. I snapped a few pics them left them to care for their babies. 


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