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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer on the Eastern Trail - Scarborough, Maine

I know, I can hear you. "You post about that place all the time!" I can't help it if it's close by and well - it's just a beautiful place to be. And on this particular day, beautiful was an understatement - see for yourself!

Crab Apples, on the turn

Mountain Ash, also on the turn - these bring red berries will eventually turn bright red

A Great Egret on the marsh

And then a Bald Eagle flew overhead

Great Egrets take flight from the marsh

Bittersweet, still far from ready

Black Cherry

Groundnut Vine

Groundnut, twirling itself around a small tree

Black Ducks

Wild Raspberries, not quite ready

Look at the leaves on this young maple! So pretty!

Honeysuckle and Groundnut compete for space


Uh oh! Changing leaves?!

Orange Jewelweed

Sensitive Fern, still dewy from yesterday's hard rain

Northern Bayberry

Cow Vetch seed pods

Groundnut Seed Pods

More Black Cherries, with a friendly wasp (not)

Groundnut and last year's rose hips

Northern Arrowwood

Crown Vetch


More Black Cherry

Hawthorn Berries

Autumn Olive


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