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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sand Pond Brookies

My son is a fanatic over Sand Pond. He loves the bass fishing but being the beginning of May it was too early but it was still early enough for me to think about all those brookies they dumped in last fall. I agreed.

We dropped the boat in the water and started the long troll around the outer edges of the pond. It was windy, cold and a few showers rained down on us but it was worth it to get out for a little bit! As we went across the middle of the pond, my line took off and I was struggling to keep the boat heading into the wind and reel at the same time but I got it - the boy just about jumped out of his skin when he saw that it was a big brookie and not a bass. He grabbed the net and with more skill than I give him credit for, he swooped in and snagged this bad boy into the boat. Just over 16", we had a fabulous meal that night. 

Another note - we went back to the pond a few weeks later - much warmer, by the way, and had barely gotten past the swimming area when my line got pounded on. I thought - caught? No - it's pulling. A big bass that I pulled off a nest? Maybe. It was fighting - hard - so I played with it a little. The boy was coming unglued "Stop it mom, just get it in the boat!". I finally got it close enough to see and you know what? It was probably the biggest brook trout I've ever caught in my life. I tried to pull it up and into the boat but it was too big - too heavy (and yes - we had forgotten the net!). The boy reached over to grab the line and he pulled too hard - POOF! it was gone. I started laughing and I thought he was going to kill me. He was seriously angry that I let that fish go and I thought it was the funniest thing I'd done in a long time. He obviously has a little 'fishing maturity' to get through. 

So there - don't all go running to the pond thinking you're going to snag brookies left and right but the stories about how they don't make it through the summer in that pond must be wrong. The brook (outlet) is nowhere near big enough to handle the two big bad boys that I hooked up :)

Hate this pic of me (I look terrible) but I love it at the same time!


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