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Sunday, August 17, 2014

When Orioles have a bad hair day

This poor guy showed up with some massive rains that swept through in mid May. He was hanging around trying to find someone with a ton of grape jelly kicking around, and I tried to help him out BUT it was raining so hard it would just melt. Soon afterwards, I could hear him singing away in the apple blossoms next door, then he must have found a lady friend because he just..... disappeared.

"Hey you! Yeah - you in the window! Can you make it stop raining and get a little grub out here?"

"I went to that guy's house and they have NOTHING out"

"Then I went over to the apple tree but the blossoms aren't quite ready yet"

"That hummingbird feeder looks great but I can't get into those little holes can I?"

"Yeah - not looking good. Got any grape jelly?"


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