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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Would you like a piece of pie?

My place of work recently held their annual United Way kickoff and the ingenious crew in charge of fundraising decided to do the old 'pie in the face' trick. Each functional area picked someone to get 'pie-eyed' and then individuals or groups would bid to see who could do the actual 'pie-ing'. I can't remember the final count, but they raised a very large chunk of cash for the show you can see below.... They asked me to take the pictures and I readily agreed - why not? I got a front row seat!

The choice was up to the 'thrower' - coconut cream or blueberry cream pie

He tried to get her too...

Hey - that's pretty good!

She covered his eyes so he wouldn't see it coming....

Those who didn't make it outside watched from the windows above

One last pie - any takers?


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