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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Portland's East End - Fort Allen Park

Sunday was pick up Thanksgiving dinner in Portland day, so after snagging the din-din we made a cruise down Commercial Street and then swung up to Fort Allen Park.

The park isn't big, just over 9 acres, but makes a great hub for hitting the Eastern Promenade Trail or for just hanging out and viewing the harbor. When I did some research on the park I was extremely disappointed in the lack of information regarding it's purpose, but did find some on Wikipedia (not on my first Google) under the Eastern Promenade. The park is home to an American Civil War monument created as a bench made of granite and dedicated in 1929 and honors the Union Army. The mast of the USS Portland can be found there, as well as a canon recovered from what I believe is the same ship (although I'm not positive and need to find photographs previous taken to be completely sure).

It was chilly again so we didn't make it a long trip, just enough to scope out the grounds and waste a few minutes outside.

Mackworth Island

Cousins Island

Fort Gorges

Tanker in the Harbor

Spring Point Light and docked Tankers unloading

GG and the Monkey

Mockingbirds! 6 of them feeding on berries, you would think they would just go south!

He's hiding, but you can find him...

Overlooking Portland

And Portland Harbor


After chasing him down the trail, he was back where GG and the Monkey were.. go figure.

Flying free


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