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Thursday, November 25, 2010

An unorthodox Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


So the story is... I called GG on Friday the 19th and informed her she was headed south for an unorthodox Thanksgiving. My niece lovingly called it a Northern New England Thanksgiving, but I'm sticking to unorthodox. We were going to buy from Hoglund's market originally, however a trip into downtown Portland sounded more romantic. Come to find out, we could get Lobsters at Free Range Lobster for the same price.

I had weighed the odds. A full blown Thanksgiving dinner would be a huge mess - the stove taken up for hours and not to mention the countless pots and pans used for all the veggies, sauces and whatnots needed for the meal. A huge pot for the lobbers, a piece of tinfoil for garlic bread, a bowl for salad and a microwave bowl for the butter. The main cleanup was the table after all the lobster juice, and my trash day is Monday so no shells to hang on to. Let's do it! 

Beyond yummy, all went perfectly. And as always, you can't beat family. ♥ Now the Monkey can go with his father for Thanksgiving and have the 'real meal' with that side of his family and I can actually enjoy a few days making this place look like people really live here.

Look out, you're my next meal....

Mmmm - look at the size of that shrimp!

No honey, we're getting lobsters!

Mussels and Oysters at Free Range Lobster

A Lobster Trap Chair, for sale at Free Range Lobster

My niece wows us with her Marine Biology knowledge

And describes the lobsters reaction when it goes in the pot

Showing Grammie her apartment via the 'nets

Monkey and Peeka

Grammie's famous Pumpkin Pie

Cousins - full and happy


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