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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome spring!

Up he-yah in May-ine spring hit with a bang. It hit 75 here at my house and caused the great outdoors to kick into hyper-space gear. It was actually so hot outside that I came in the house and watched a movie to let it cool down a little (Stalag 17 - one of my all time favorite movies). I have chives, salvia, tulips, daffodils, irises, crocuses and a few others sprouting from the soil. All my trees are budding, including the lilacs. Even the acorns have little green earth seeking trailers on them in an attempt to grow a tree. As such, my allergies have also kicked into overdrive with one of the worst attacks I can remember having. That didn't stop me from my missions of the day - inlcuding putting up the birdhouses.

I hit the hardware store and bought 3 ten foot lengths of 3/4" galvanized conduit, six "U" brackets and three chair 'thingies' (those things you put on the bottom of a chair to keep it from scratching the floor). Chris, the great guy there, cut the pipes down to 6' lengths and I kept the leftover pieces because you just never know. I tried to get some kwikrete but everywhere I stopped they were sold out. I took that as an omen.

I already had two cedar 'bluebird' houses, but I had spotted some home made ones on the side of the road for $5.00 each. I stopped and bought three - not that I need them, but the guy was older and seriously funny so I had to. And they were cheap but very well made. I'll use those for the treeline, maybe a chickadee or the titmouse will use them. I just need to figure out how I want to paint them.

It seriously only took 5 minutes to put a house up on the pole - I used one of the shorter lengths of conduit and pounded it into the ground about a foot, foot and a half deep. I put the house on the longer length and placed the cap on top then slipped it into the hole I had just pounded. The beauty of it is that I can move them very easily long before anyone even stakes a claim (thank goodness everyone else had bought out the Kwikrete!). Woman's Yankee Ingenuity is priceless, I get it from my mom - she's pretty clever like that.

I'm really glad I got the house off the tree - I put it up rather hastily last spring never dreaming it would get used by anything, and I landed a pair of bluebirds. At least now I don't have to worry about the stray cats I have lurking around - as much!

Today I saw lots of Robins and Red-Winged Blackbirds - but the Blackbirds don't stop at my house, they fly right on by (I can actually hear my feeders breath a sigh of relief). I had two Killdeer in the field as well. Still high numbers of feeder usuals, including the Juncos. Maybe they know something I don't?

My $5.00 birdhouses, such a deal! I need to decorate them...... hmmmmmm

I don't have thumbs, but can I help?

Voila! Finished product. No, it's not leaning! Ok - maybe just a little...

I ♥ the chair tips, that was Chris' idea

As mounted on the back

Still no seeds in my paws!

He let me get so close!


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