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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Really, seriously - what is Shepard's Pie?

Today is a typical rainy, windy disgusting spring day in Maine. We have them every year, we can't get around them, can't get out of them. It's what starts the next season - Mud Season.

I knew the weather would get yucky, so decided when I did the groceries yesterday to purchase ingrediants to make Shepard's Pie - the way my momma used to make it plus a few of my own tricks.

Blame it on the fact that the Bubster spent the night and the boys are playing quietly (which perhaps I should check on) and I'm sitting here thinking to myself (which is always trouble to me) - what's up with Shepard's Pie? Mine is simple without much fuss. Mashed Potatoes, Corn and Ground Beef. To some people, that's not what Shepard's Pie is. "Oh no - it has to be Peas and ground Lamb." "Gravy! Where's the gravy!" "You don't put carrots in yours?" "We put tomato sauce in ours - it's the best!" "How can you call it Shepard's Pie? There's no pie crust." Try looking up the recipe, there's only about 50,000 different ones.

I work for a very large corporation and we have a ton of diversity. There are certain subjects that I refuse to discuss at lunch when the girls and I eat together...... Religion, Politics, Child-rearing (that's another whole blog), how much money I make and how to cook my food. It sounds sensible, unless I bring leftovers in for lunch.

"What's that? It looks a little like Shepard's Pie, except it has corn in it."

The boys didn't care what it was. They devoured it like vaccum cleaners, sucking up every last bit and asking for seconds. I even caught Bubster licking the bowl.


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