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Sunday, March 21, 2010

More WYI (Woman's Yankee Ingenuity) with Birdhouses

When I purchased my $5.00 birdhouses, I knew I had some work cut out for me to make sure they were what I wanted them to be. The fronts were screwed shut and I needed the ability to open the boxes to monitor and for cleaning purposes. Also, the perch on the front was just inviting any species to ransack the box. I thought about it hard last night, and knew exactly what I needed to get at the Hardware store. I struck out to Plummer's first thing this morning after figuring Chris probably got his fill of me yesterday at my usual handyman stop. Besides, Plummer's is closer. On the checklist:

My mother would be proud with my color choices. Krylon spraypaint is my friend.

I started with the first box and added the bottom hinge and closure latch before removing the front screws and perch. I took the pictures below, then moved on with the same steps for all three boxes - then removing all the hardware so I could paint (remembering almost as an afterthought to number the boxes and hardware first).

Perch and front screws - before and after

Brass closure latches rock!

The hinge set on the bottom

Works perfectly!

Talk about recycle, reuse & reduce.... I knew I would find a use for the cat and dog food bags! 

After the paint had completely dried, I set out to put them up. I placed one on the west side of my house with the opening facing southest, towards the open expanse of my lawn that melds into my neighbors and just on the treeline. I'm hoping for swallows here. The posts still aren't solidly in place, so I can move them if I feel I need to.

The other I placed on a tree well into the woodline, on a trail that runs behind my house. Here I'm hoping for a wren or a chickadee.

They look pretty sharp set out, huh? I still have one more in the house - waiting for me to determine where I want it. My two real 'Bluebird houses' are to the east with a wide open area to swoops and snag bugs, which high perches just beside them to allow for Mr B's to keep a watchful eye. It would be nice to have swallows and bluebirds, but then again - it's still only March. Here's to hoping I have at least one family to watch this summer!


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